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Huntsville, AL, September 1, 2010 – DeepTarget Inc. ( today announced a new reseller partnership with Marquis Software Solutions Inc. For over 20 years, Marquis has provided scalable, results – driven marketing, sales and compliance solutions designed exclusively for financial institutions.  Solutions from Marquis are focused on bank and credit union needs and include Marketing fulfillment MCIF, Sales CRM, HMDA, CRA and Fair Lending Compliance Solutions.  Marquis claims a corporate philosophy that is simple and old-fashioned: Get clients results!  This is accomplished by taking the time to understand what clients need, and then focusing their efforts on making it happen by providing a total solution which includes three primary elements: analysis, fulfillment and tracking. This is accomplished through industry-best software, consulting and print fulfillment.

“Building on our corporate philosophy, we thrive on providing solutions for credit unions and banks that are easy, complete and affordable.  We are always trying to take the jargon out of what should be simple ideas, which produce real, measurable results.  Therefore, it is not difficult to see why DeepTarget products appealed to us.  There is also a natural synergy between our companies and technologies – the rich marketing data found in our MCIF delivered in the online banking environment through DeepTarget banner ads.  ”, said John Kassing, President of Marquis.  He added, “I can easily see where the benefits of this innovative targeted cross-selling technology will be compelling to our clients; we are therefore looking forward to begin promoting DeepTarget”.

Preetha Pulusani, CEO, DeepTarget Inc., said “Marquis is a well-recognized name in the Financial Services industry, boasting a well-deserved and sterling reputation with their clients.  We are delighted to announce this new partnership with them.  There is no doubt that they are perfectly positioned to offer DeepTarget to their bank and credit union clients, giving them the ability to target the right offer at the right time to the right person through various electronic channels.  We place a high value on this partnership, and look forward to working closely with them to broaden our product penetration within their customer base and the Financial Services industry at large”.

DeepTarget products include the following:

DeepTarget OLB for credit unions and banks is a secure, hosted, electronic banner messaging solution that presents targeted and personalized offers to members within various online banking environments.  Highly measurable, DeepTarget OLB has a proven track record of exceptionally high software return on investment (ROI) and has been shown to boost the success of marketing campaigns and influence new account opening activity.

About DeepTarget Inc.

DeepTarget Inc. is an insight driven digital marketing company whose software is rapidly redefining targeted marketing. Through the use of DeepTarget marketing technology for online and other digital media, DeepTarget is able to provide comprehensive messaging solutions for businesses of varying sizes and in diverse industries. With anticipated significant growth in the online advertising and digital media industries, DeepTarget is uniquely positioned for sustained success. For more information, visit

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