Depreciation Protection offers $25K to remake a branch

Sweepstakes highlights changing business model to assist members

DAYTON, OHIO (March 30, 2021)

Banking is ever-changing. Credit union members and technology are at the center of it all. Depreciation Protection is helping credit unions advance and respond to these changes by offering a $25,000 branch technology makeover to one lucky credit union that draws the winning number.

60% of American smartphone users have a financial app on their phone and use the app for checking balances; applying for loans; and even exploring insurance coverages for things like GAP, Depreciation Protection, and credit insurance.

Citing a Diebold Nixdorf report that said, “Technology is important when it comes to enabling those member experiences, but the shift of in-person banking from transactional to interactive will be an evolutionary project for the human beings on both sides of the teller window,” Depreciation Protection decided to act.

Brian Allietta, Depreciation Protection president and CEO, noted, “With the face of ‘banking’ changing and more members accessing data and services through technology, we want to help our credit union partners to keep pace. Our technology platform, claims payment history, and ease of doing business drive opportunity for them, and if we can assist in excelling their branch touchpoints, then everyone wins.”

A credit union staff member can enter the technology upgrade sweepstakes on behalf of their credit union by doing any of the following:

• Register for a Depreciation Protection webinar.
• Download and view a “RevTalk” interactive video training segment.
• Download a Depreciation Protection white paper or case study.
• Register for a Depreciation Protection demo or zoom meeting.

The first sweepstakes drawing for the $25,000 grand prize will be held May 30 for all eligible entries.

With nearly 250 financial institutions using depreciation protection waiver (DPW) coverages, Depreciation Protection protects members nationally from the negative financial impact of auto accidents that result in a total loss. DPW cancels remaining auto loan debt up to the waiver benefit limit, after deducting the remaining auto value.

Launched in 2016, Depreciation Protection is the first waiver product to protect consumers from the impact of depreciation and loss of equity. Last year proved to be a record-setting year, and 2021 continues the pace of record growth.

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With nearly 75 years of experience in selling vehicle protection products in both the dealership and financial institution markets, the Depreciation Protection, Inc. team understands the market and knows what consumers want: affordable protection that provides real benefit. Now available in all 50 states and offered by over 300 financial institutions, Depreciation Protection Inc. has saved members hundreds of thousands of dollars in auto depreciation and equity. Learn more at


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