Destinations Credit Union with Operation HOPE to open HOPE Inside office at Parkville location

Destinations is the first credit union in the country to offer HOPE Inside. Financial dignity programming now available at no cost to participants—both members and non-members of the Credit Union.

BALTIMORE, MD (January 17, 2019) — Destinations Credit Union and Operation HOPE announced today a partnership to bring credit and money management coaching to the Greater Baltimore community. The new HOPE Inside location is now open at the Destinations main office in Parkville located at 8767 Satyr Hill Road. Offered at no cost to participants, HOPE Inside Destinations includes an Operation HOPE financial wellbeing coach providing educational workshops and one-on-one coaching.

Destinations is the first credit union in the country to offer HOPE Inside. The services of the HOPE financial wellbeing coach are completely free and open to both members and non-members of the Credit Union. Destinations has provided office space and resources for this HOPE Inside office.

“With our official industry mantra of ‘People Helping People,’ this is the work credit unions need to do.” said Brian Vittek, President/CEO of Destinations Credit Union. “All members and local residents deserve the opportunity to receive financial dignity.”

The Credit and Money Management Program, a core focus of the award-winning HOPE Inside financial empowerment model developed by Operation HOPE, is designed to transform disabling financial mindsets—teaching people the language of money, how to navigate credit, and make better decisions with the money they have.

“Our vision is to create a stronger, more inclusive economy through financial empowerment – and financial dignity,” said Operation HOPE Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, John Hope Bryant. “Think of the difference our programs make in people’s lives as they improve their FICO scores by 100 points or more. Think about the impact on families and communities as more people and more local businesses succeed. And consider the new investments and jobs that come to communities where people are financially secure. We are proud to partner with Destinations Credit Union to bring meaningful impact to the residents of this community and beyond.”

HOPE Inside had its genesis in bank branches, but widespread market adoption continues to bring sponsored offices to government facilities, grocery stores, hospitals, churches, college campuses, and other community locations. Today, there are 120 existing locations across the nation. Every HOPE Inside location holds consumer credit counseling certifications, and CFPB, FDIC, U.S. SBA, HUD, EITC, and FEMA applications and partnerships. Through the HOPE 700 Credit Score Communities initiative, the focus on raising client FICO scores to 700 is at the foundation of all HOPE Inside programming.

“Understanding how finances work is an integral part of succeeding financially,” Vittek said. “Operation HOPE coaches are trained to help people understand and improve their FICO scores. They also equip entrepreneurs with the tools and training to follow their dreams, and help individuals and families understand the path to homeownership.”

Anyone interested in this free service can contact HOPE Financial Wellbeing Coach Yolanda Hobbs at 410-663-2500, ext. 119 or e-mail her at

“The client experience at HOPE Inside is rooted in financial dignity and empowerment,” Bryant said.  “The personalized one-on-one coaching process integrates four key steps: giving back dignity, reintroducing individuals to themselves, offering redemption, and providing opportunities through purpose-driven projects.”

About Destinations Credit Union

Destinations Credit Union is a $60 million financial institution located in the Parkville area of Baltimore County.  It was originally chartered the Baltimore Transit Company Credit Union (later MTA Credit Union) and now serves over 250 employers, community groups and associations in the Baltimore area. Since 1935, Destinations Credit Union has operated as a not-for-profit, member-owned and operated financial institution. Destinations Credit Union exists to promote thrift and a source of low-cost credit for individual members. In essence, our only reason for being is to help our members do better financially.


Carol Szaroleta
Director of Marketing & Business Development
Destinations Credit Union
8767 Satyr Hill Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21234
410-663-2500 Extension 124

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