DigitalMailer and Primadata partner to increase statement options

State-of-the-art technology will allow data delivery firm to offer secure digital statements

HERNDON, VA (August 10, 2015) — Primadata, LLC, a firm trusted for secure document delivery, and DigitalMailer, Inc., a leader in digital communications and marketing, announced they have entered into a partnership in which DigitalMailer will provide its state-of-the-art technology so Primadata can expand its services to offer clients the ability to deliver digital statements.

“Whether we print and mail a secure statement or upload a secure statement to be viewed on a computer or mobile device, our business is ‘all about the data,’” said Mike Mapes, Primadata’s President/CEO. “We are excited about the e-Delivery services we can now provide our clients, in conjunction with their printed and mailed statements. I believe this partnership will help to grow both of our businesses while creating efficiencies for our joint clients.”

Since 2000, DigitalMailer has been helping financial institutions lower costs and increase convenience and security by shifting from printed statements to electronic statements. Over the years, its services have grown from primarily eStatements to helping firms communicate with customers over multiple channels. The firm now offers eStatements via mobile device, as well as online.

“Helping companies communicate via any channel to enhance customer relationships is our key focus,” said Jesse Boyer, DigitalMailer’s President/CEO. “As a provider of printed statements for financial institutions, Primadata’s field of business will mesh nicely with ours and I’m eager to see our combined efforts bear fruit.”

Likewise, Primadata has been in business for 15 years, serving many clients in the financial industry. The firm’s first clients were regional credit unions in Wisconsin, and now the company serves about 200 clients throughout the United States and Canada.

The partnership between the two companies will allow Primadata’s clients to offer their customers digital statements and other electronic documents. Offered as a “white label” service, Primadata will brand the service under its own name.

To learn more about DigitalMailer’s eStatement services or other ways it enables companies to offer consumers “any-to-any” digital communication, call (866) 994-4900 or visit You can learn more about Primadata’s comprehensive communications services by visiting

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