DigitalMailer expands leadership and readies for year of growth

HERNDON, VA (February 12, 2015) — DigitalMailer, Inc. announces shifts in its leadership team roles as the company prepares for growth opportunities in 2015. Jesse Boyer is now President/Chief Executive Officer, while founder Ron Daly will continue as Chairman of the Board.

Daly says embracing change goes with the territory at the electronic marketing and communications firm.

“For 15 years, DigitalMailer has adapted to ever-evolving technology and the changing customer needs that credit unions and banks face,” he said. “You must be nimble to stay relevant in this industry, and DigitalMailer’s new leadership structure readies our firm for continued success.”

In his new role, Boyer is focused on helping clients use their virtual branch to communicate effectively and grow their business.

“Mobile – a truly, ‘one-to-one’ communication – has become a core competency for DigitalMailer in recent years,” said Boyer. “For more than 14 years, we’ve helped our clients transition from paper to electronic communications. Helping our 220 clients move from electronic to mobile and reaching the 314 million smartphones in the United States is the next phase. At DigitalMailer we have the tools and expertise to do it well. Financial institutions can no longer sit on the sidelines of emerging technology, and DigitalMailer is positioned to help them make the transition.”

Boyer is a 20-year industry veteran, having worked at Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union for 12 years and as IT consultant at the National Association of REALTORS®, where he became the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, the nation’s first all-virtual credit union. Boyer continued with REALTORS® FCU when it merged with Northwest Federal Credit Union in 2012, serving as the Senior Vice President/Division Executive and Chief Strategy Officer.

Daly says 2015 is going to be an exciting time for DigitalMailer. “People are demanding more from their banks and credit unions, including how they receive information and what information they receive.”

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