DigitalMailer marks 15 years of helping credit unions make meaningful online member connections

From paper to electronic communication – technology, expertise and hard work bring success

WASHINGTON, DC (April 7, 2015) – This year, DigitalMailer, Inc. is celebrating its Crystal Anniversary: a decade and a half of providing the financial community with digital services that help credit unions and banks deepen customer/member relations and drive profitability. Moreover, as technology development has accelerated at an unprecedented rate, the Company has kept pace, leveraging its capabilities to meet consumers’ changing demands.

“We started in 2000 as a single-product company – offering something ‘new’ – electronic statements,” said Ron Daly Chairman and Founder of DigitalMailer. “Back then, commercial use of the Internet was new, too; you had to use a dial-up modem, which was the slowest connection you could imagine. But I kept thinking, if we could capture the power of the web, we could offer a service that would help financial institutions cut costs and enhance customer service by replacing mailed paper statements with those that were electronic.”

While banks and credit unions first had a somewhat tepid response to eStatements, 50 clients had adopted the program by the end of the first five years. By 10 years, that figure grew to 180 clients, with DigitalMailer delivering 15.9 million eStatements. In 2014, the firm averaged nearly nine million eStatements a year, reaching 8.6 million consumers. Also in 2014, DigitalMailer sent 23.8 million email messages to 2.97 million unique email addresses on behalf of 103 financial institutions in 3,631 separate email campaigns.

“For the past15 years, we’ve helped the marketplace transition from paper to electronic communications,” Daly said. “Now we’re helping the marketplace transition from electronic to mobile. To succeed today, institutions need to start thinking in terms of an integrated approach to customer interaction.”

Jesse Boyer, the Company’s President/CEO, says mobile technology has changed the face of communication with features such as smaller screens, optimized messaging and the ability to be always on.

“Mobile has facilitated an explosion of different sources of information, so consumers have the power to choose their preferred channels,” Boyer said. “What’s more, given the digital landscape, it’s relatively cost effective to have a presence in any channel.”

Today, DigitalMailer acts as a complement to any organized data system, helping clients take advantage of their data-mining programs and variable-field capabilities to create messages that are specifically geared to financial institutions’ members/customers’ needs and interests.

“We’ve moved into the role of ‘communication enabler,’” said Boyer. “Whether it’s online banking, mobile, ATMs, email text or voice, we enable bank and credit union customers to easily move from one device to another while experiencing a consistent communications experience.”

DigitalMailer can send an email, text message or place a voice call to any smartphone device in the world. The Company’s focus is now on the marketing element of providing the right information at the right moment, which Daly says will greatly enhance financial institutions’ ability to reach customers where they are with targeted one-to-one messaging.

Boyer agrees. “That is the connection consumers say they want today. It’s a matter of looking for the moments of opportunity,” he said.

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DigitalMailer, Inc. ( is a digital communication firm that provides clients the power to reach consumers across multiple digital channels. Using its expertise and today’s technology, DigitalMailer helps organizations connect with customers in the online channel they prefer, driving consistent, managed messages that are optimized for communication, convenience, efficiency and promotion of product growth. To learn more, visit DigitalMailer’s website or call (866) 994-4900.

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