Do you want to know more about crypto, cybersecurity and climate?

So do we! That’s why we’re asking for your insight into the three C’s.

Together, Quantum Governance L3C and Inclusiv are surveying credit union board members, executives, supervisory/audit committee members and staff to study the current state of credit union governance with a focus on the impacts of Crypto, Cybersecurity and Climate.

This study will build upon Quantum Governance’s landmark State of Credit Union Governance studies with a specific focus on learning even more about these contemporary influences on governance in the North American credit union system.

The State of Credit Union Governance 2023 Report is due out this fall and all survey participants will receive an advance copy!

The more responses we receive the more we will all learn together so we are asking for your participation and for you to share the survey link with your colleagues too. Responses are anonymous.

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