Donise Cottman named Dover Federal’s employee of the quarter

DOVER, DE (December 3, 2013) —  Dover Federal Credit Union is proud to announce that Donise Cottman has earned the distinction of Employee of the Quarter for the third quarter of 2013.

The award reflects not only Ms. Cottman’s dependability and efficiency, but also the cheerful and willing manner with which she consistently approaches her work. She has repeatedly demonstrated a readiness to take the initiative on difficult assignments, often reaching out unasked to other employees and departments who need assistance. Ms. Cottman’s eagerness to help those around her and her dedication to providing the best service to Dover Federal’s members make her an exemplary employee of the credit union.

“Donise is a valued member of the Dover Federal family,” said David Clendaniel, Dover Federal’s President and CEO, “We are lucky to have her, and we are pleased to be able to recognize her hard work with this award.”

First chartered in 1958, Dover Federal Credit Union is the largest credit union in the state of Delaware, with a membership of 38,789. Dover Federal has offices in Smyrna, New Castle, Milford, and Dover, including one at Dover Air Force Base. Dover Federal has proudly served the military and Delaware families for over 50 years. Dover Federal now serves the small business community. More information can be found on Dover Federal’s website, at

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