Doug Parr joins Prairie Cloudware as Chief Revenue Officer

OMAHA, NE (February 3, 2015) — Prairie Cloudware, an innovator in omnichannel digital payments services, today announced that Doug Parr has been named chief revenue officer. He is responsible for all activities that generate revenue, including sales, corporate development, marketing and pricing. Parr brings more than 25 years of experience in financial services, payments and security to Prairie Cloudware, including time at ACI Worldwide, S1 Corporation and Entersekt.

Parr commented, “The entire concept of payments is evolving to fit our digital way of life. For this evolution to reach the adoption levels required to make it a part of everyday activities, the technology will need to be open to all payment and card types, use tokenization to protect personal and cardholder data, work with the majority of Android and iOS devices, and offer financial institutions a way to sustain their role as the main players in payments. Prairie Cloudware’s Digital Payment Guardian is being designed to meet these requirements, and with our first beta soon to be announced, now is the time for us to aggressively market and sell what I believe is a game changing offering.”

Parr was senior vice president at Entersekt, a company focused on eliminating card not present fraud and online phishing attacks. In this position, he was responsible for managing and overseeing the planning and implementation of business expansion in North America. Prior to Entersekt, Parr was senior vice president and general manager responsible for the Americas Payments Division of S1 Corporation, where he doubled revenue in three years. His payments expertise began with an 18-year career at ACI Worldwide. As senior vice president of the Americas at ACI, Parr lead a 300-person organization to develop new sales strategies and meet revenue goals. He also was managing director for ACI EMEA, ACI Worldwide’s largest subsidiary at the time, serving customer communities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“The industry is seeking a safe, simple way for customers to make digital payments and we’ve spent the last two years working on a response that protects the basic requirements for any solution that will be widely adopted,” said Kevin Kammer, CEO of Prairie Cloudware. “We have a platform that enables financial institutions to regain control of payments and the associated data, while addressing the challenges related to security and convenience. Doug’s pedigree is unique and perfect for this point in time as the industry gets serious about providing what is required to meet the needs of the consumer.”

Digital Payments Guardian is a white labeled service that enables customers to centralize sensitive payment information with their financial institution – removing it from devices, retail websites and static cards, keeping it safely stored until it’s needed.  During transactions, it validates the identity of the cardholder and delivers payment data in a tokenized format to avoid future fraud.  The platform is designed to allow financial institutions to control the payments relationship with their customers rather than leaving it to technology companies.

About Prairie Cloudware
Omaha, Neb.-based Prairie Cloudware enables financial institutions to meet their customers’ need for choice, convenience and security when purchasing goods and services online or at the point of sale. Its Digital Payments Guardian™ enables financial institutions to leverage their role as the trusted provider of payments services for consumers while decreasing the cost of fraud and improving their return on investment. Digital Payments Guardian is a cloud-based service that integrates with financial institutions’ digital banking services to centralize and secure consumer payment data. Visit to learn more. 

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