Dover Federal Credit Union partners with Mahalo for modern, secure digital banking platform

CHELSEA, MI (July 1, 2019) — Dover Federal Credit Union ($470M in assets, 41,000 members, Dover, DE) is the latest credit union to choose Mahalo Technologies’ Omni-Experience digital banking to provide a modern, secure digital banking experience for its members. Dover Federal utilizes Symitar’s Episys® product for core processing.

Dover Federal was caught in a dilemma. Its previous digital banking solution did not closely integrate with its new core system (Symitar). “Limitations appeared when we began talking about future proofing a solution,” said Travis Frey, Chief Innovation Officer at Dover Federal. “We want to provide digital excellence to our members through an ‘API First’ approach.”

It became apparent very quickly that Dover Federal’s previous vendor was going to be a challenge to work with, as well as expensive and ultimately not be able to provide the credit union’s wants and needs for the future. “We needed to move away from a ‘vendor’ and more toward a ‘partner,’” said Frey.

As a result, Dover Federal engaged in a comprehensive search for a new digital banking solution. The credit union needed to find a more agile solution that would be flexible and future focused. “Mahalo, being built on modern architecture, was key for us,” he added. “We need flexibility, a single app experience, and core centricity to leverage the investment already made in the core banking platform.”

Frey and his team also like Mahalo’s “security first” approach, providing the credit union with flexibility and a sandbox development area — which allowed it to craft its own future versus being directed by a vendor. Speaking of security, Mahalo also uses the integrated security features designed by Stickley on Security’s Jim Stickley, the renowned cybersecurity expert and founding partner of Mahalo Technologies, to provide the security first features that Dover Federal and many other credit unions seek.

Mahalo is equally excited about the partnership with the credit union. “We are very pleased to be working in a collaborative partnership with Dover Federal to help provide the very best digital experience for their members,” said Mahalo CEO Alan Augustine. “Our focus is on setting the standard for digital banking platforms by providing the best user experience, a robust feature set, and the tightest core integration with security throughout.”

Mahalo’s open, API-driven architecture allows credit unions to remain nimble, enabling easy deployment of new digital products and services as they become available. In addition, Mahalo provides a modern, feature-rich user experience that rivals the digital offerings of the largest banks.

Partnering with Mahalo, Dover Federal is positioning itself for a true digital transformation by creating a better member experience, while simultaneously enhancing the safety and security of the digital delivery channel.

“Putting API interfaces first over single-sign-on capabilities or secondary apps should be the norm. Put your vendors on notice – are they another VENDOR or are they a value-added PARTNER like we have with Mahalo?” asked Frey. “We see Mahalo’s agile approach and Dover Federal’s innovative spirit as an ideal match not only for today, but for the years to come.”

Dover Federal Credit Union Chief Innovation Officer Travis Frey.

About Mahalo Technologies

Mahalo Technologies, Inc. provides online and mobile banking solutions for credit unions. Based in Troy, Mich., the Mahalo platform is designed and built on superior architecture with deep integration to core processing, providing security and a robust feature set across all delivery channels for a true omniexperience. Mahalo banking is feature-rich and price competitive to help all credit unions achieve a technology advantage in the marketplace. For more information on Mahalo banking, please visit us at


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