Dupont Goodfich FCU Gives Back Over $127,000 To Members & The Community

NEDERLAND, TX (February 27, 2013) – Credit union members and Southeast Texas charities have 127,500 reasons to celebrate thanks to the results of a special campaign created by DuPont Goodrich Federal Credit Union (DuGood).

During October through December of 2012, members and the community could “DuGood By Giving” when they financed an auto or home loan for $10,000 or more.  For each qualifying loan financed, the member received $250 cash.  Plus, the credit union donated an additional $250 to the charity of their choice.

DuGood partnered with 10 charities from all over Southeast Texas.  These non-profits serve the homeless, the elderly, the unemployed, expectant mothers, abused and neglected children, cancer patients, those with intellectual disabilities and even animals.  They touch thousands of lives across the area.

Credit union staff, Board of Directors and the charities came together at a breakfast reception this week to celebrate DuGood by Giving’s results.  The board presented attendees with a “giant check” for $127,500 made to members and Southeast Texas charities.

DuGood By Giving first launched during the fall of 2009. President and CEO Jada Kelley drew her inspiration for the campaign from TOMS shoes.

“I actually got the idea from another company who, when they sell shoes, donates a pair to a child in need,” Kelley said.

“Our credit union really believes in community involvement and helping families financially.  We wanted to do more for non-profits.”

Since DuGood By Giving’s inception four years ago, the campaign’s results have tripled.  For more information, visit

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