During 30th Anniversary year, CUSO Aux announces new board managers for its back-office and Shared Branch Network businesses

LAKEWOOD, CO (June 13, 2022) — As Aux celebrates its 30th anniversary as a CUSO, a new Board of Managers was approved for both Aux and its shared branch network, InNetwork. The CUSO held its Annual Shareholder meeting on June 6th.  The Denver-based, CUSO is excited to share these developments below and is confide ent the Board is committed to helping guide the CUSO’s rapid growth and support to the credit union movement.

Aux Board of Managers

Within Aux, the back-office part of the CUSO, providing accounting, CFO consulting, compliance, and data analytics support to over 75 credit unions nationwide, Tessa Bonfante, President/CEO of Zing Credit Union (formerly Denver Community Credit Union), was re-elected the Board’s Chairperson.  Tessa was elected to the Aux Board in 2019 and has served as Chairperson since then.

“Tessa’s role as chairperson provides strategic leadership and continuity to the Aux board”, said Doug Burke, President/CEO of Aux, adding “and the addition of Diane Arthur to the Board brings a new dimension and insight to this outstanding group of credit union executives”. “It is a privilege to be re-elected as Chairperson by the Aux Board. I look forward to continuing to serve as Chair, and along with the other board members, providing oversight and guidance for the critical support that this CUSO provides to the credit union industry”, remarked Tessa Bonfante.

Dave Krause, President/CEO of UniWyo FCU, was elected Vice Chairperson, replacing the Board’s former Vice Chairperson, Carrie Langgard, President/CEO of Sooper Credit Union, who continues to serve as an at-large Member.  Dave Krause has served on the Aux Board since 2019.

Mike Merryman, President/CEO of Department of the Interior FCU, was re-elected Secretary and Treasurer of the Board.  Mike has served on the Aux Board since 2017.

Other at-large Board members include newly elected Diane Arthur, SVP/CFO of Horizons North Credit Union, Keith Cowling, President/CEO of Credit Union of Denver, and Bill Willingham, President/CEO of WyHy FCU, both incubents, who continue to serve on the Board.  The number of Board positions was reduced from eight to seven.  Joe Christian, President/CEO of Nusenda Credit Union and Scott Ferndelli, President/CEO of Arapahoe Credit Union decided to leave the Board following three years and five years of service, respectively, on the Aux Board of Managers.

InNetwork Board of Managers

Aux’s shared branch network, InNetwork, saw the three Incumbent members re-elected to the Board, with Chris Myklebust, Chief Transformation Officer of Canvas Credit Union, replacing Carrie Langgard as its Chairperson.  Carrie now serves as the Board Vice Chairperson.  Chris joined the InNetwork Board last year to fill departing InNetwork Board Member Chris Chippendale, formerly of Canvas Credit Union.  The three Members of the InNetwork Board are Chris Myklebust, Carrie Langgard, and Tessa Bonfante, Board Secretary/Treasurer.

About Aux and InNetwork

Aux offers a robust suite of outsourced back-office services, unlike any other organization in the U.S. Our accounting, compliance, and data analytics solutions serve those who are fearlessly adapting to today’s tumultuous environment and look to outsourcing to increase efficiency and financial health. Those who value partnership, trust, teamwork and passionately believe in the future of credit unions, choose Aux. Celebrating 30 years assisting credit unions survive and thrive, Aux was originally founded in 1992 to assist credit unions with shared branching and was known as CU Service Network (CUSN), and was rebranded in 2020 as InNetwork.  InNetwork continues to provide shared branching services exclusively to six states as part of the national Co-op network. The Aux Team knows credit union pain points because we have lived them ourselves; many of us are decades-long credit union veterans. We are real people, dedicated to a cause, working together to make your credit union stronger. Let us do the hard work for you.





About AUX

Aux, established in 1992, is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) owned by 55 credit unions, and serves nearly 200 participating clients. We provide a variety of progressive back-office solutions that drive credit union success, like accounting, compliance and data analytics. We are leaders in credit union innovation, cooperation and research. We do the hard work for you. We are Aux Team proud. For more information on Aux, please visit us at or contact us at (720) 945-7235.


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