EFCU Financial turns management of its ATM fleet over to Dolphin Debit

HOUSTON, TX (June 2, 2015) — EFCU Financial, one of the oldest credit unions in the country, has turned over management of its entire ATM fleet to Dolphin Debit, the full-service ATM management company.
Dolphin Debit now operates eight ATMs for Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based EFCU Financial, a 33,000-member credit union that recently changed its name from E Federal Credit Union. EFCU Financial got its start in 1934 as one of the first credit unions chartered in the U.S., founded by local oil refinery employees. The credit union is now community chartered, with eight branches and assets of $315 million.

It was the looming cost of upgrading its ATMs that convinced EFCU Financial that it needed a better alternative, according to Rick Myers, the credit union’s Chief Financial Officer.

“We had just finished getting quotes on upgrades for our ATMs for EMV card readers and Windows 7, and we were looking at some pretty horrible expenses,” Myers said. “Dolphin Debit paid us a call about that time, and offered us a much better solution.”

EFCU Financial had already been working with Dolphin Debit, which operates five ATMs at Murphy USA fuel stations in the Baton Rouge area that are co-branded by EFCU Financial and other credit unions. Dolphin Debit has an exclusive ATM placement arrangement with Murphy USA in several states.

Now that Dolphin Debit has taken over operation of the eight EFCU Financial ATMs, it has been a big relief for the credit union, Myers said.

“The way we are structured, we did not have an ATM expert on staff,” Myers said. “All of our ATMs were older, so there were ongoing maintenance issues too. Without the expertise, I felt we were always trying to tinker with them. Having Dolphin Debit take them over for us was a really attractive option.”

The transition to Dolphin Debit-run ATMs was smooth, Myers said, and has been beneficial for EFCU Financial. Not only are there processing cost savings, but the credit union no longer has to devote significant staff time to making sure the ATMs are balancing. Now, if there are any ATM issues, branch managers simply contact Dolphin Debit rather than handing problems off to the headquarters staff as in the past. The result is faster response and quicker problem solving.

“EFCU Financial found out what a lot of credit unions find out about the real cost of operating ATMs,” said Ben Allen, President of Dolphin Debit. “When they get older and need upgrading, or need major work to stay compliant, they can get very expensive. That is one of the reasons why so many credit unions are turning to us.”

About Dolphin Debit

Dolphin Debit Access is a full-service ATM management company that owns and operates ATMs for financial institutions. Dolphin’s turnkey ATM service includes deployment of new ATM equipment combined with terminal driving, ATM maintenance, armored car service, communications, monitoring and dispatch, and cash management. Dolphin Debit operates all types of equipment in various on-premises and off-premises venues. In addition, Dolphin Debit has the rights to install and operate drive-up ATMs at Walmart/Murphy USA locations in multiple states. Dolphin Debit customizes solutions to the specific needs of clients, with a flexible, cost-saving approach that enables redeployment of company assets to improve the bottom line. For more information, visit

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