Empower Federal Credit Union announces $2.5 million ‘giveback’ bonus dividend & interest rebate

SYRACUSE NY — Empower Federal Credit Union announces a $2.5 million ‘giveback’ for 2015. The credit union is paying $2.5 million in ‘giveback’ bonus dividends and interest rebates to reward Empower members for a successful year.

Rich Nave, Senior VP of Administration said, “We are extremely pleased to be able to reward our member-owners with another giveback for the 7th year in a row. Empower has now given back $17.5 million to date. Our success is a result of our members who join and take advantage of the products and services we offer. As a result, we are able to share this success with our member-owners and be able to make a difference in their financial lives.” The amount each member receives represents a percentage of savings account dividends earned and a rebate on loan interest paid throughout the year.

Members will see their bonus dividend and interest rebate posted on December 31, 2014. All members in good standing with Empower will receive the bonus dividend/interest rebate. Empower currently serves over 138,000 member-owners.

Empower FCU is a full-service financial institution that provides savings, loan, and transaction services to members in Central New York, and in eight counties in New York State. Headquarters are located in Central New York. As a credit union, Empower is a financial cooperative and is not-for-profit. For information about this release or credit union membership, contact Mary Wilson: (315) 728-5179.

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