Enacomm and VoiceVault link up to lock down cardholder data through voice biometrics technology

Partnership ensures protection and fast, accurate authentication of customers with 99.99% success rate
TULSA, OK (October 29, 2014) — Enacomm, a leading provider of intelligent customer interactions technology, and VoiceVault, which specializes in identity verification solutions for the financial services market, are combining strengths, the companies today announced. Together they will deliver an easy, secure form of authentication that protects customers. VoiceVault’s voice biometric engine will be integrated into Enacomm Voice Authentication™ (EVA), an application that enables authentication of customers from any phone, any time and is more reliable than fingerprinting with a 99.99 percent success rate.
“Financial institutions can now more confidently guarantee high levels of security and user convenience while avoiding the need for customers to remember anything for authentication,” said Julia Webb, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for VoiceVault. “We believe EVA will provide an easy path to transform the customer experience, and we are excited to be working with Enacomm on this powerful solution.”
VoiceVault maps, stores and matches a customer’s voice, which becomes the key for his or her account access. Harnessing VoiceVault’s technology, EVA provides fast, accurate authentication. In addition to enhancing security, Enacomm’s product leads to cost savings for an organization and an exceptional service experience for customers, as call centers and customer service reps do not have to repeat account verification or identification questions, saving 20 percent or more of their time.
“Fraud, identity theft and security breaches have become commonplace in America, and financial institutions are often prime targets for fraudsters,” said Enacomm CEO Michael Boukadakis. “The passwords, PINs, and static security questions traditionally used for account authentication have been compromised and, today, only proven methods of identification such as voice biometrics will fully protect customers.”
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About Enacomm
Enacomm is a leading provider of innovative, interactive and intelligent customer self-service and assisted-service solutions. A frontrunner in interactive voice response (IVR) technology, Enacomm solutions are delivered as hosted services or on-demand through the cloud. The company’s customer base is made up of Fortune 50 to Fortune 2000 companies concentrated in the Financial/Credit Union, Prepaid/Cash Card, Health Care and Utilities industries. Utilizing web, mobile, SMS texts, email, voice and other communication technology channels, Enacomm helps organizations provide customers with a superior, multi-modal self-service experience. Enacomm processes more than 1,000,000 voice calls, SMS texts, emails and automated data transactions every day.
About VoiceVault
VoiceVault is a leading provider of voice biometrics with expertise in delivering identity verification solutions to the financial services market. To date, the company’s voice biometric solutions have helped secure billions of dollars in money transfers, wires and ACH payments in 40 countries around the globe. The customer centric solutions are designed around the premise that speaking is convenient and natural and that no two voices are exactly the same. For more information, visit

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