Enrichment Federal Credit Union’s Community Enrichment Program

OAK RIDGE, TN (May 19, 2022) — Enrichment Federal Credit Union is living the Credit Union philosophy of people helping people. Beginning in the 2nd quarter of 2021, the Credit Union launched a new community support program that allows its 48,000 members to vote where they want the Credit Union’s charitable contributions to go. Each quarter going forward, the Credit Union has budgeted $25,000 to support 501(c)(3) organizations located in the Credit Union’s eight-county field of membership. Members can go to the Credit Union’s website and vote for their favorite 10 of the approximately 20-25 organizations listed. Each community organization receives a pro-rata amount of funds they received in votes (i.e., 10 percent of the votes receive $2,500) The Credit Union’s website also includes a summary of the mission of each organization. This is part of Enrichment’s philosophy of being a member-owned financial institution. “It’s the members’ Credit Union, and we believe that your membership should include a voice on which community charitable organizations receive the Credit Union’s contributions,” according to Kelley O’Dell, the Credit Union’s Member Experience Manager. “This is just one more way for us to show that we are indeed a member-focused financial institution,” O’Dell stated. For 2021, the Credit Union gave away $75,000 to the charitable organizations listed on the website and have budgeted to giveaway $100,000 for 2022. Enrichment Federal Credit Union headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, will be celebrating its 72nd anniversary this June. On June 13, 1950, ten employees of the gaseous diffusion plant, which enriched uranium, chartered the K-25 Employees Credit Union. In 2007, the Credit Union changed its name to Enrichment Federal Credit Union.

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