Ensenta wins Xcelent Awards for Remote Deposit Capture

REDWOOD SHORES, CA (January 27, 2014) — Ensenta, an award winning Silicon Valley provider of innovative Cloud-based imaging and self-service financial solutions including Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (mRDC), announced today that it has won two 2013 XCelent Awards for Remote Deposit Capture Technology and for Functionality, from Celent, a leading financial industry research and consulting firm.

Celent assessed capabilities of 13 remote deposit capture solution providers in a report entitled, “Remote Deposit Capture Solutions 2013 – ABCD Vendor View.” The awards were the result of rigorous comparative analysis using Celent’s proprietary ABCD Vendor View framework, which examines solutions on four dimensions – advanced technology and technical flexibility, breadth of functionality, customer base, and depth of client services and solutions.

“Ensenta offers industry leading capability in mRDC usability and risk and compliance capability and is distinctive in having several patents on aspects of its solution,” said Bob Meara, Senior Analyst for Celent and author of the report.

The report further states, “Ensenta’s patented solution is distinctive for its broad array of risk factors evaluated in EZ Admin. Compared to other RDC solutions evaluated in this report, Ensenta’s approach is both more extensive and likely more efficient for financial institutions desiring a high degree of vigilance.”

“We are delighted at the recognition of our technical and functional excellence,” said Ed Viera, Chief Executive Officer, Ensenta. “Our product development approach is a careful marriage of innovation and the voice of the customer that allows us to offer superior solutions to our financial institution customers and technology partners.”

Ensenta’s remote deposit capture and payment solutions include mobile phones, ATMs, kiosks, merchant locations and financial institution branches. All solutions are integrated with the patented Agile Risk Management platform which enables financial institutions and corporate users to mitigate risk in real-time across all points of deposit capture and payment. True Day Zero risk mitigation is facilitated through 100-plus configurable risk filters, and the optimal combination of human and automated review.

About Ensenta
Ensenta is an award winning Silicon Valley software developer creating innovative Cloud-based imaging and self-service technologies for the Financial Services Industry. Ensenta’s products and services are distributed by leading: mobile banking providers; core banking processors; and ATM networks and manufacturers. Ensenta has two U.S. patents issued and two patent applications pending. For more about our Ensenta, please visit us at

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