Envisant announces strategic partnership with Curql

NAPERVILLE, IL (April 15, 2024)Envisant announces a groundbreaking partnership with Curql Collective opening the door for credit unions with assets between $100 million to $1 billion to jointly invest in transformative fintech. This collaboration addresses the increasing need for these credit unions to harness advanced technologies to remain competitive and relevant in a sector increasingly dominated by large banks and tech conglomerates. 

“We’re excited to bring credit unions this unique opportunity to engage with Curql Collective,” said Tom Kane, CEO of Envisant. “The Curql II Fund creates an investment diversification strategy with incredible potential for credit unions to engage in Curql at a lower investment amount.”

By facilitating collective investment, this initiative gives credit unions within this asset range a seat at the table, empowering them to take ownership in the ecosystem that is fusing the future of credit unions and fintech. This move broadens their access to extensive product and service discounts in these emerging technologies and strengthens their ability to offer enhanced services to their members. 

“This partnership with Envisant underscores our big tent mentality – ensuring inclusivity in fintech investments and allowing credit unions of diverse asset sizes to enter and leverage these cutting-edge technologies,” said Nick Evens, CEO of Curql Collective. “It’s a strategic step forward in leveling the playing field and giving credit unions big and small a voice in the future of how credit unions collaborate with each other and how fintech collaborates with the industry.” 


Credit unions interested in participating in this investment framework are invited to register for informational webinars that will be held in the months of April and May, or to connect with Envisant directly.

About Envisant

Envisant is a credit union service organization helping nearly 2,000 credit unions across all 50 states achieve their vision. A subsidiary of the Illinois Credit Union League, our product strategy features credit and debit programs, prepaid debit cards, portfolio development consulting, agent credit card programs, and ATM services. Get to know us at

About Curql Collective 

Curql Collective is a collaborative ecosystem of progressive credit unions and innovative fintech. Through a family of funds including Curql Fund I, Curql Fund II, and Curql Accelerate, Curql strategically invests in the visions of entrepreneurs to bring transformative technology to credit unions to revolutionize how credit union members engage with financial services in the digital age. As the on-ramp to fintech collaboration and innovation, Curql connects credit unions with the future of the credit union industry. For more information, please visit 


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