Envisant partnership with Nickels empowers financial well-being for all

NAPERVILLE, IL (November 8, 2022) — Envisant has partnered with Nickels to connect credit unions with a robust, personalized credit card management tool that enhances the member experience and improves credit card health. Building industry partnerships is one way Envisant expresses its commitment to financial well-being for all. Envisant and Nickels are joining forces to bring value to both credit unions and members by supporting financial health goals.

Digital services offered through Nickels can help members manage the credit cards they have with other card providers while growing their relationship with the credit union’s brand. The idea behind the service is that good credit card health is good for business. Nickels uses behavioral science data within their Credit Card Coach web app to help users avoid extra card fees, pay down debt faster, cancel recurring charges, and increase their credit score.

“Nickels is excited to partner with Envisant and extend our reach in Illinois and across all 50 states,” says Joseph Gracia, Founder & CEO of Nickels. “Our white-labeled Credit Card Coach web app compliments their card program offerings nicely, and working together, I’m confident that we’ll be able to help many credit unions refinance their members’ third-party credit card debt.”

“I look forward to seeing the impact this partnership will have on strengthening the way credit unions and members work together to advance member financial health,” says Libby Calderone, President of Envisant. “Helping others achieve their vision is the heart of Envisant’s mission, and we’re honored to work with Nickels towards empowering credit unions with a digital service that helps each member achieve their own vision for financial success.”

Envisant and Nickels seek to open new opportunities for credit union members to advance their financial health through customized coaching that helps them identify solutions for their individual needs.

About Envisant

Envisant, a CUSO, helping credit unions across all 50 states achieve their vision is the subsidiary of the Illinois Credit Union League. Envisant’s forward-thinking product strategy features credit, debit and prepaid programs, portfolio development consulting, fintech solution partnerships, ATM services, marketing and more.


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Illinois Credit Union System

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