Established Cybersecurity Firm, TDI, Now Offers Managed Cybersecurity Performance Services with Award-Winning Platform

WASHINGTON, DC (July 28, 2022) — At the recent World Credit Union Conference (WCUC) in Glasgow, Scotland, TDI unveiled their Managed Cybersecurity Performance (MCP) offering, its pinnacle body of work, summing up over two decades of delivering cybersecurity solutions across the globe. TDI’s MCP platform offers a convenient solution for organizations of all sizes to outsource and better manage their cybersecurity performance, mitigate risk, reduce ransomware, provide continuous compliance, improve cyber-ROI, and slash cyber insurance premiums.
TDI’s CEO, Paul Innella, presented the industry-changing framework and foundation of MCP to hundreds of attendees at WCUC who were seeking a solution to the elusive question—how well their organization is doing in cyber. Innella explained that MCP is a tremendous shift in the way organizations conduct the business of cyber yet it is required to address the seemingly never-ending problem of trying to achieve more with ongoing security efforts while ensuring a measurable ROI for related investments, moving from activity to achievement.
Under scrutiny from regulators and shareholders, cybersecurity has very quickly become an issue for boards of directors everywhere. Gartner predicts that by 2025, “40% of boards will have a dedicated cybersecurity committee overseen by a qualified board member,” and it’s easy to see why. With the fallout from a successful cyberattack only increasing every year, cybersecurity has become an issue that requires board oversight to ensure that security teams are properly managed. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has already imposed requirements on publicly traded companies to that end.
Organizations have struggled aligning the interests of both the security team and the board of directors, something critical in establishing a working cooperation between the two. TDI’s MCP solution allows for a much greater ability to prioritize imperative cybersecurity initiatives that reduce risk for the entire organization with a measurable ROI, understandable by all. TDI offers a unique perspective to commercial organizations with over 20 years of experience on the front lines of cybersecurity operations, engineering, and compliance supporting some of the most targeted commercial, military, and government organizations in the world. MCP leverages their experience in helping hundreds of customers navigate oceans of wasteful and inefficient cybersecurity initiatives.
Innella is looking to align cybersecurity teams with senior leadership and boards everywhere, having identified one of the biggest issues organizations face today: increased cybersecurity costs with consistently worse results year after year for easily the past three decades.
“Organizations have a serious problem with board representation of cybersecurity issues. Despite most organizations indicating that cybersecurity is their top priority, 3 out of 4 senior IT and security leaders lack confidence in their organization’s cybersecurity posture. This disconnect in organizational objectives and real-world performance can be attributed to a lack of managed cybersecurity performance. The days of measuring performance based upon how much we spend, the date of our last audit, or how many tools we have are over. It’s time to start measuring performance on the basis of achievement. Are our crown jewels protected? Is MFA fully deployed? Do we truly know our entire asset inventory? These are what truly matter – it’s time to shift from what we’re doing to how well we’re doing.” – Paul Innella

About TDI

Founded in 2001, TDI has grown into a world-class consulting firm offering cybersecurity services and innovative solutions to government agencies and commercial clients around the world. TDI’s MCP service delivers stress free, comprehensive and instantaneous visibility into your entire cyber environment for a holistic interpretation of where you are in relation to your cybersecurity goals. Hassle-free industry-specific reporting in just a few clicks. Automate repetitive tasks and save your team time and effort while also delivering accurate reports to senior leadership and the Board. Our platform scales and ties everything together showing you how well you are performing against known Cyber Performance Indicators and what needs improvement/attention. CnSight, our Cybersecurity Performance Management platform, is the proud winner of the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2 years in a row! TDI is a cybersecurity firm with over 20 years of experience and more than 2 million hours securing clients globally. To learn more, please visit the TDI website or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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