Executive Summit gains traction with credit union executives

Digital Credit Union Innovation Center hosts CU Engage’s fourth Executive Summit

ST PETERSBURG, FL (August 23, 2018) — Digital Credit Union Innovation Center to Host CU Engage’s 4th Executive Summit in Boston on September 19-20 2018. “CU Engage Summits are dedicated to providing an environment of like-minded executives in the credit union industry to collaborate and build a strong network, but the key difference in our summit that keeps the execs coming back is that they know our summits will leave them with a clear plan of action to take home to your credit union.”

Among the topics on the agenda are analytics, cybersecurity, AI, and blockchain. There will also be fintech pitch sessions where attendees will engage with fintech founders and get insight into new technologies about to hit the market.

“These summits are gaining traction with credit union executives looking to collaborate and network,” the company said.

Speakers will include Shazia Manus, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer with AdvantEdge Analytics; Jim Stickley of Stickley on Security, Chris Howard, SVP with Callahan & Associates, Brian Bodell with AdvantEdge Analytics, and several representatives from fintechs.

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