Expedition Credit Union partners with Arkatechture to use its data analytics platform for single source of truth

Arkalytics will centralize data from the credit union’s disparate systems to improve data governance.

PORTLAND, ME (November 10, 2021)Arkatechture, a technology company dedicated to empowering organizations with a better understanding of their business through data, is working with Expedition Credit Union (formerly United Educators Credit Union) to integrate its core banking system into Arkatechture’s data analytics platform: Arkalytics. The platform boasts a fully managed, cloud-hosted data lakehouse plus its suite of financial reports and executive dashboards for advanced analysis and reporting. This will enhance the credit union’s strategic decision-making abilities through data-driven insights to improve their products, services and member experience.

Expedition Credit Union looks to use Arkalytics to centralize its data from disparate systems to improve data governance within the organization. Arkalytics ensures that the credit union’s data processes, standards, and metrics are effective and efficient, providing Expedition with a single source of truth to achieve its business goals.

According to Expedition Credit Union Senior Vice President of Marketing Andre Thibault, the end goal is to be more relevant for members. “Through a focus on the individual, we anticipate growth in existing member relationships, increased referrals to their friends and family, and an ability to determine who in the community is like-minded to our membership as prospective new members,” Thibault says.

Whether it is sending informational emails on how to save time or money or asking for their input as they design new products, he adds that they want to engage with their members to build trust and create the products or services they will find beneficial.

Stum Platform™ partnered with Arkatechture to help drive marketing ROI and marketing automation utilizing the Arkalytics product for Expedition Credit Union.  Strum Platform President and COO Ben Stangland commented: “We are thrilled to be a part of the Arkalytics solution for Expedition as Arkalytics is clearly ahead of others in the marketplace on what they can deliver.”

With Arkalytics, Expedition will receive full data warehouse deployment, a suite of subject area workbenches, 20 dashboards, and a data quality rules engine. Arkalytics Data Quality Dashboard will help the credit union quickly identify and act on data defects so corrections can be made within the organization’s origination system – and track progress over time.

Thibault adds that one of the credit union’s key initiatives for technology is to invest in systems that have open APIs to connect with its other technology platforms. A solution such as Arkalytics will help the credit union better visualize its data, make data-driven decisions, and provide structure and security for the flow of information amongst trusted parties.

“It will really come down to gaining insights about our members to best assist them and the communities we serve,” says Thibault. “Arkalytics and our other tech partners will be critical in helping us aggregate our various data sources, learn more about our product usage and gaps, and gain the necessary insights about our members to offer relevant content or product offers at the right time and place.”

“We are excited to continue working with Expedition Credit Union into 2022, as we integrate other systems into the Arkalytics platform and provide more powerful analysis for business intelligence,” says Arkatechture Project Manager Casey Leger.

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