FiCare Federal Credit Union is ready to serve all healthcare workers in Florida

TAMPA, FLA. (February 11, 2021)

FiCare Federal Credit Union, Healthcare’s Financial Partner (FiCare FCU) is expanding its field of membership – allowing the credit union to have an even greater impact on healthcare workers and their families in the State of Florida.

“Since the day we were established in 1960, our mission of helping healthcare professionals and their families has always been our focus – but our membership was exclusive for a very specific population. Now that we’ve taken the necessary steps to change our charter, we are ready to offer our services to all healthcare professionals in the greater Tampa area and eventually, across Florida,” explains FiCare CEO Denelle Miller.

FiCare FCU recently changed its charter to what the credit union industry calls a “TIP charter,” which stands for “Trade, Industry, or Profession charter.”

“Before the TIP charter change, FiCare primarily served BayCare employees, volunteers, contractors, retirees, and their families” said FiCare FCU Board Chairperson Tom Garthwaite. “Now that we’ve moved to a TIP charter, we can offer membership to all healthcare personnel and their families. This is an important move for the credit union and thousands of potential new credit union members.”

For years, FiCare has been taking calculated steps to be able to make this move toward serving more members, including a name change from St. Joseph’s Hospital Federal Credit Union (FCU):

• 2016 St. Joseph’s Hospital FCU acquires West Coast FCU growing to seven locations.
• 2018 St. Joseph’s Hospital FCU changes its name to FiCare Federal Credit Union, Healthcare’s Financial Partner.
• 2019 FiCare completes a core conversion.
• 2020 Charter change to “Trade, Industry, or Profession” charter.

“This is the time for FiCare FCU to make this move. We have never seen a greater need for healthcare workers as they’ve been on the front line against this pandemic. FiCare FCU is ready and honored to serve them,” says FiCare CEO Miller. “We were designed to serve healthcare workers. Now is the time for us to take care of them.”

Denelle Miller
(813) 600-5920

About FiCare Federal Credit Union

FiCare Federal Credit Union has been loyally serving its members since 1960. FiCare’s unique membership is made of healthcare providers and their family members. Helping healthcare professionals and their families achieve their life needs, desires, and dreams by providing financial expertise, education, quality products, exceptional service, and personal care that goes beyond the expected, every day.


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