Financial Center reimagines financial wellness with brand refresh

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (February 20, 2024)Financial Center, a leading Indiana credit union, has launched their refreshed brand and an  ambitious new approach to financial wellness. After an internal rollout earlier in the week, the refreshed messaging and  creative is now live in the Credit Union’s markets. 

The refreshed brand is centered around the slogan “Life Starts Here” – a nod to all of the unique first-time events  Financial Center’s members and prospects experience over their lifetimes. From graduating college, to purchasing a  home, to buying an engagement ring, the Credit Union highlights these ‘starts’ in their vibrant new brand messaging and  imagery. Financial Center’s commitment to being available with advice and direction is at the forefront of its brand  positioning, calling themselves “Your Credit Union for What’s Next” as a bold new tagline. 

The nearly one-year long refresh project, led primarily by the internal Marketing & Creative Team with support from a  local agency, is the first step in the Credit Union’s bid to reframe their nearly 70,000 members’ perspective of financial  wellness. Dusty Simmons, EVP of Strategic Operations, explains, “We’ve found that our members often think to come to  their credit union when they have a problem. But, with our refreshed approach, we’re working to position ourselves not  only as a player in the crowded financial services industry, but as a key resource in the proactive wellness space.”  

With bright and colorful creative, drawing inspiration from the company’s vibrant logo, popular fresh-focused grocery  chains and boutique fitness and wellness studios, the brand’s design and imagery aligns with its new strategic  messaging. “We’re aiming to be seen in the same light as a proactive visit to the yoga studio to get some mental clarity  or a visit to the dentist for a bi-annual check-up. We’re inviting members to come in any time to simply chat with our  financial coaches to get advice before they even need it,” said Simmons. The Credit Union’s focus on financial wellness  isn’t new, being an 8-time national recipient of the Desjardins Adult Financial Literacy Award through the Credit Union  National Association (CUNA). Yet, the refreshed branding seeks to bring a greater awareness of how financial wellness  can be proactively integrated into members’ daily lives.  

The launch involves new messaging and modernized creative through all of the brand’s channels including retail,  website, social media, sponsorships, and event activations. In 2024, Financial Center plans to enter two new markets in  northern Indianapolis with state-of-the-art banking centers and interactive teller machines. “As we quickly approach  becoming a $1 billion credit union and expand our markets, it’s time to tell our story in a new and different way,”  explained Simmons. “Our refreshed brand pays homage to where we’ve been and paves the way for what’s next.”

About Financial Center First Credit Union

At Financial Center, nearly 70,000 members are in pursuit of healthier, more vibrant financial  lives. Our Credit Union manages $860 million in assets for a diverse community of members in greater Indianapolis,  Kokomo and Muncie, Indiana - and beyond. We’re known for providing inclusive banking services, free financial  wellness resources, and the people and products to create momentum for whatever’s ahead. Our team of nearly 200 employees are expert coaches and mentors for members - helping them discover new possibilities and chase down  their next financial milestones. Join us at today.


Jake Engel
Campaign Development Manager

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