Financial Guard and CME Federal Credit Union partner to offer members affordable online investment services

Cutting edge technology will help CME Members

COLUMBUS, OH (March 17, 2015) — Credit Unions have long strived to introduce new services to their members to create greater membership value. Being true to this goal, CME Federal Credit Union has partnered with Financial Guard to offer members an affordable way to save money and manage investment portfolios.

Financial Guard is an online investment advisory service that grades investors’ existing portfolios, and makes recommendations aimed at helping investors achieve their financial goals. The combination of cutting edge technology, mathematical algorithms and financial expertise align to produce this service. Customers of Financial Guard are then able to manage their investments at a fraction of the cost that traditional investment advisors demand.

“When we saw how Financial Guard’s service works – the quality of their product and the ease at which customers can gain financial advice – we were convinced,” said Ryan Giffin, Head of Lending & Sales for CME. “Whether its attractive loan/deposit rates, discounted auto insurance or quality financial advice, our responsibility to our 30,000 members is to help them understand the financial landscape, instill confidence in their financial decisions and make their money go further.”

Kevin Pohmer, President of Financial Guard added, “Financial Guard’s technology and online user experience was developed specifically to provide unconflicted, transparent, and affordable investment advice to the masses, which is why this partnership with CME is so important. Hard working Americans simply can’t afford to watch their money going into the pockets of wealthy financial advisors, when there are better alternatives coming into the marketplace. A technological revolution is coming to this industry to help the individual investor and it is long overdue!”

Financial Guard is disrupting the traditional financial advisor space with its technology. Typically, a traditional financial advisor will take a percentage of the investor’s assets each year and also makes commissions on the products they sell. Financial Guard upends this model by providing the same financial guidance that an advisor provides, but at a significantly reduced cost and with no conflicts of interest by leveraging the power of technology. Financial Guard customers pay a fraction of the cost of what a traditional advisor would charge.

“Our members look to us to help them fulfill their financial goals,” Giffin proclaimed. “Our success as an institution is reliant on our ability to continuously introduce new products and services that do just that. Our partnership with Financial Guard epitomizes how we service our members.”

About Financial Guard

Financial Guard is the leading “fee-based” online investment advisor in America providing unbiased, professional and transparent investment advice through its interactive website. Financial Guard’s technology allows investors to create a unique profile, view all of their investment in one place, assesses their portfolios with a simple grading system, and provides investment guidance on how to optimize their portfolio(s) and reduce their overall cost by exposing the hidden fees prevalent in the marketplace.

About CME Federal Credit Union

CME Federal Credit Union was established in 1935 by City of Columbus Firefighters and opened to the entire Franklin County community in 2002. It now serves more than 28,000 members and counts assets of more than $230 million. CME is based at 150 E. Mound St. and operates one branches throughout the Central Ohio area.

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