FInection Videos Add Fun, Novelty to Mid-Atlantic Corporate Communications

Video channel well-received as Corporate’s new information platform for members

MIDDLETOWN, PA (May 13, 2013) Since its launch at this year’s GAC, the FInection video channel has lived up to its “inform, educate and entertain” tagline.

Created and produced by Mid-Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union, FInection has generated over 50 videos and over 4,800 views in its first ten weeks. Viewers to the channel find a wide range of content – from economic overviews to updates on the Corporate’s financials. FInection also includes tips to increase computer speeds, news of an upcoming security conference and the fact that animal cracker boxes were originally marketed to be used as Christmas tree ornaments (that’s why a string is attached).

“FInection is a fun, engaging way to share news and interact with the credit union community,” said Jay Murray, president/CEO of Mid-Atlantic Corporate. “Sometimes we share important but basic information. Other times, FInection is educational or helps us add interest and humor to our communications. We enjoy making the process interactive and entertaining.”

The name FInection comes from a combination of Financial and Connection. It can be viewed from any location with internet access, including mobile phones and tablets. While the content is primarily developed for Mid-Atlantic Corporate members, other credit unions and business partners are invited to share in FInection news and information. Some videos directly address industry-wide issues and offer general fun facts.

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