First disbursement from Ukrainian Credit Union Displacement Fund headed to PARD

MADISON, WI (March 15, 2022) — Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions, the charitable and engagement arm of World Council for Credit Unions, will disburse the first $50,000 from its Ukrainian Credit Union Displacement Fund to the Podolsk Regional Development Agency (PARD), a Ukrainian non-governmental organization that is providing humanitarian assistance to hundreds of refugees from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Kherson, Melitopol and other cities who are seeking refuge in the Vinnytsia region of western Ukraine.

PARD will use the funds to purchase and deliver food, water, medicine, bedding and other supplies to internally displaced Ukrainians. Since Russia invaded Ukraine nearly three weeks ago, an estimated 3 million Ukrainians have fled their homes, making immediate humanitarian relief a priority in the region.

“This is the first step in our commitment to put more than half of all initial donations to our Ukrainian Credit Union Displacement Fund toward humanitarian relief efforts,” said Mike Reuter, Executive Director of Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions. “More relief dollars will also soon be sent to assist Ukrainians who have sought refuge in neighboring countries.”

Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) and NCBA CLUSA have partnered with Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions in also committing to send a percentage of donations from its Disaster Recovery Fund to PARD.

CDF is partnering with National Co+op Grocers (NCG), an organization of 148 food co-ops across the United States, to raise money for Ukraine. NCG has pledged a 100 percent match for all donations up to $100,000 made by 11:59 p.m. U..S. EDT on Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions and CDF identified and vetted PARD as the best conduit for immediate humanitarian relief in Ukraine.

“The sense of support and solidarity we feel from around the world gives us strength. Despite these circumstances, consumer cooperatives are making efforts to provide the population with the necessities of life—primarily food—and delivering them to where they are most needed,” said Illia Gorokhovskyi, Board Chair of COOP Ukraine.

For the latest developments on the issues facing credit unions in Ukraine and the international credit union movement’s response to the Russian invasion, visit World Council’s Ukrainian Crisis Response page.

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