Fiserv and Mastercard help financial institutions approve more genuine transactions without increasing risk

Mastercard Decision Intelligence reduces false declines, eases cardholder frustration

BROOKFIELD, WI (March 6, 2018)Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ: FISV), a leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, announced today it is offering Mastercard® Decision Intelligence, a comprehensive decision and fraud detection service. Financial institutions working with Fiserv will benefit from this service, which helps them increase the accuracy of real-time approvals of genuine transactions, reduce the number of false declines and improve the overall cardholder experience.

Fiserv is the first processor to offer Decision Intelligence to its financial institution clients. Decision Intelligence uses artificial intelligence technology to provide a predictive score by applying thousands of data points and sophisticated modeling techniques to each transaction – helping issuers make more informed authorization decisions.

“Minimizing the risk of financial losses while avoiding declining genuine consumer transactions requires delicate balance,” said Patrick Davie, Vice President, Card Services, Fiserv. “False declines can damage the relationship with cardholders, so evaluating multiple factors, including information about the consumer, merchant and issuer, throughout the shopping experience can enhance that cardholder experience and approve more genuine transactions, without increasing risk.”

Fiserv research shows that the number of active cards after two or more false positive denials drops by an average of 20 percent over a six-month period following the last false positive denial. This suggests that around 20 percent of cardholders may stop using the card altogether after two or more false declines. Moreover, the average monthly spend per card after two or more false positive denials drops by 15 percent on average over a six-month period after the last false positive denial, as compared to cards that did not experience any false declines.

Decision Intelligence differs from other decision-scoring products, which are focused primarily on risk assessment and work within predefined rules. Instead, Decision Intelligence takes a broader view in assessing, scoring and learning from each transaction. That score then enables the card issuer to apply the intelligence to the next transaction. The technology behind Decision Intelligence examines how a specific account is used over time to detect normal and abnormal spending behaviors. It leverages information such as customer value segmentation, risk profiling, location, merchant, device data, time of day, and type of purchase made.

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