FLEX partners with ClickSWITCH to deliver a digital account switch solution

SANDY, UT (September 25, 2018) — The Salt Lake City-based core processor, FLEX, announces integration with ClickSWITCH, to deliver automated account switching. ClickSWITCH makes changing financial institutions easier through switching member’s recurring payments from their old account to the new one.

“We strive to open our core platform, through the power of API technology and offer credit unions the best of breed products they choose to integrate,” Said Sean Holcomb, COO at FLEX. “The value that ClickSWITCH brings to our customers only increases the efficiency that we are creating for credit unions.”

By leveraging ClickSWITCH technology, FLEX customers will be able to quickly, safely and efficiently assist members in switching recurring payments in an effort to become their primary financial institution. Initiating the switch can be performed within the core on a member-by-member basis as well as embedded within the new accounts workflow.

“We are excited about our new integration with FLEX,” said Cale Johnston, CEO & President of ClickSWITCH. “The integration with FLEX will be a significant time-saver for both credit union staff and members by increasing the ease and effectiveness of the switch process.”

Jose Ramos, CIO of the Florida-based Railroad & Industrial Federal Credit Union ($342 million in assets) shared, “Our primary aim with this integration is to make the process of switching accounts easier for our staff and members. We chose to deploy ClickSWITCH leveraging API technology, that way our staff won’t need to log in to a separate platform or retype any of the member information because it is already in the core system.”Ramos Continued, “Prior, we were using a PDF switch-kit workaround but when we saw the ClickSWITCH solution we said, “that is exactly what we need!” The product is up-to-date with technology, easy to use and fast. ClickSWITCH is a proactive solution which empowers us to assist members while they are with a member service representative rather than sending them home with instructions; which, historically, are rarely completed.”

About FLEX

For 40 years FLEX has developed and delivered advanced core technology to credit unions, including built-in support and single-point access to eDocuments, cards, lending with auto decisioning & eSignatures, check-21, Internet banking, mobile banking, remote deposit, document management and overdraft privilege. With over 250 credit unions in 48 states including Alaska, Hawaii, and the Eastern Caribbean, FLEX enjoys established relationships with all regulatory agencies, corporate credit unions and major industry partners. In recent years, credit union industry personnel ranked FLEX first among competing vendors for customer satisfaction, visit


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