FMSI announces Operational Excellence Award winner

ALPHARETTA, GA (February 5, 2015) — FMSI, a leading workforce optimization solution provider for banks and credit unions, announced today that Fort Knox Federal Credit Union (FKFCU) was the 2014 winner of its Annual Operational Excellence Award.  FMSI’s Operational Excellence Award recognizes the “best of the best” amongst its client base, including financial institutions all across North America.

“It’s our mission to have a positive impact on our member’s lives,” says Ray Springsteen the President/CEO of Fort Knox Federal.  “We’re all proud of the value we created for our members through the many different initiatives and programs implemented in 2014.”

FKFCU was selected by FMSI’s executive committee to acknowledge their outstanding accomplishments in 2014, including:

  •          $450,000 reduction in annual branch labor expense
  •          Developed innovative employee career pathing program
  •          Significant increase in new first mortgage loans (non-refinance), resulting from new technology, new method to process the loans and an expanded sales approach

“Stronger performance and sharper earnings result from institutions like Fort Knox Federal Credit Unioneffectively implementing successful programs, and it starts at the top,” says W. Michael Scott, the President/CEO of FMSI. “We are most impressed with Fort Knox Federal Credit Union’s commitment to operational excellence and are honored to present them with this award.”

About Financial Management Solutions, Inc. (FMSI)
Located in Atlanta, GA and established in 1990, FMSI provides easy-to-use, yet sophisticated, software-as-a-service solutions, including: Omnix Staff Scheduler™, Omnix Interactive Dashboard™, Omnix Performance Analytics™, and Omnix Lobby Tracker™.  FMSI’s smart scheduling application gives banks and credit unions the ability to optimally schedule their team throughout the branch network and to manage staff through easy to read color graphics, online interactive dashboards, and succinct management reports. FMSI provides performance management information exclusively to financial institutions of all sizes, including a workforce optimization comparative data benchmarking report that allows clients to see where they rank amongst their industry peers. Visit the company’s website at or call 877.887.3022 to schedule a complimentary online demonstration of any of our products.  You can also quickly estimate your savings with FMSI’s Efficiency Calculator at

About the FMSI Operational Excellence Award
Stronger performance and sharper earnings result from effective programs being properly implemented by focused organizations. Through our twenty plus years of working with financial institutions, FMSI has identified key factors that drive an organization’s operational success.  A few of those factors include: board and staff engagement, sound fiscal health, sustained program management and, of course, a commitment to excellence.  FMSI’s Operational Excellence Award recognizes the “best of the best” amongst our client base, including financial institutions all across North America.

The award is given to the institution that best exhibits the following traits in its tenure as an FMSI client:

  •          Sizable improvement in quantitative success metrics (productivity enhancements, cost reductions, sales and service improvements, etc.)
  •          Documented examples of a commitment to excellence
  •          Innovation in the retail branch environment, such as creative branch hours, employee incentive programs, or implementing cutting edge technology

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