FNF’s Property Insight is strategically realigned under Black Knight’s Data & Analytics Division to boost data capabilities for customers

FNF’s Property Insight Is Strategically Realigned Under Black Knight’s Data & Analytics Division to Boost Data Capabilities for Customers
– FNF’s Property Insight has been combined with FNF’s Black Knight Data & Analytics division.
– Combination provides expanded data coverage and processing capabilities, improved quality and greater efficiencies for clients of both organizations.
– Property Insight offers more detailed information for properties in the approximately 200 counties it covers, while Black Knight offers high-level data on more than 580 million real estate transactions in nearly every county in the U.S.

JACKSONVILLE, FL (June 16, 2014) — Black Knight Financial Services, one of the Fidelity National Financial (NYSE: FNF) family of companies, announced today that Property Insight, another FNF company, has been strategically realigned to become a part of Black Knight’s Data & Analytics division, one of the nation’s leading sources of comprehensive property, MLS and mortgage performance data and intelligence.

Property Insight provides property information and images of documents and maps to help title insurance underwriters, title agents and closing attorneys to quickly compile title search packages to support the safe transfer and financing of real property. The company offers detailed property data from approximately 200 counties in the U.S., and has regional operations centers in California, Florida and Illinois to support title plant operations in the West, Southeast and Midwest. Its property data complements the broad coverage of Black Knight’s Data & Analytics division, which maintains high-level data on nearly every county in the U.S.

“Combining the strengths of Property Insight with those of Black Knight’s Data & Analytics division is a natural fit that offers us the opportunity to increase the value and efficiency we provide to our customers,” said John Walsh, president of Property Insight. “We will now be able to offer more extensive data, better service and leverage wider distribution as we combine forces with a company that has robust capabilities, extensive real estate industry knowledge and a shared passion for data quality.”

Black Knight’s Data & Analytics division manages, among its many data and analytical assets, an industry-leading database of U.S. properties, which features assessor, deed, mortgage, assignments, releases, pre-foreclosure and foreclosure datasets. The massive database:

– Includes records on more than 99 percent of the U.S. population and households, representing more than 160 million property records and including historical data on more than 580 million real estate transactions.

– Provides access to approximately 1.6 million active property listings, which include nearly 85 percent of all real estate transactions and listings in the U.S.

– Delivers access to more than 80 percent of all U.S. property tax records, tax payment history on more than 100 million parcels and national flood coverage data for over 3,100 counties.

“By combining two powerful data businesses engaged in similar services, we expect this realignment to benefit both companies’ customers through greater cost efficiencies, expanded data offerings and more effective leverage of our combined distribution resources,” announced Kevin Coop, president of Black Knight Data & Analytics. “Joining forces between Black Knight Data & Analytics and Property Insight will further enable Black Knight to offer solutions that improve quality, increase value and further support risk mitigation for our clients.”

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