Forget Hawaii: Shares 6 Cheap Summer Vacation Destinations That Are Just as Great (or Better) Than Leading Tourist Locations in New Report

Not all travelers can afford a two week vacation to Hawaii, and now there’s no need to. In its latest report, personal finance website speaks to leaders in the travel industry to find cheap places to vacation, and uncovers six areas around the world that rival top vacation destinations but cost significantly less money.

EL SEGUNDO, CA (June 3, 2013) Saving money on an extended trip can be challenging for some Americans. But according to a TD Ameritrade survey, 78 percent of Americans are still planning a summer vacation, while 26 percent of respondents said they expect to spend more on their trip compared to the previous five years.

To help travelers get their rest and relaxation on a budget this summer, GoBankingRates speaks to travel experts to identify which popular — and pricey — destinations can be substituted for more affordable vacation spots. Its findings reveal three travel swaps and three additional cheap summer vacation destinations that vacationers can visit to dramatically cut travel costs this summer.

#1. Dominican Republic in Lieu of Hawaii

A top suggestion for tropical getaways is to travel to the Dominican Republic instead of Hawaii. “For those on a budget, the Dominican Republic is the first place to look. And lately, Puerto Rico is showing up on the radar of many travel writers,” explains Michael McColl of during an interview with GoBankingRates.

McColl also notes added financial benefits of a getaway trip to Puerto Rico, explaining, “JetBlue has cheap flights to both destinations, [and] Southwest flies to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico also counts as a domestic destination for Americans, thus qualifying for the lowest points tier in many U.S. frequent flyer awards programs.”

#2. Substitute Brussels for Paris

Another suggestion is to substitute a trip to Paris with a vacation to Brussels, Belgium. Jennifer Calonia, editor of GoBankingRates and lead journalist for the report shares her personal experience:

“At times, the romance of Paris was muddled with rows of bustling tour buses, over-eager (and loud) tourists and long lines,” Ms Calonia says. “On the other hand, when my tour of Europe brought me to Brussels, Belgium, the charming and intimate city is what I’d always envisioned Paris to be.”

See all the entire list of cheap summer vacation destinations here:

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