Fort Knox Federal Credit Union deposits surprise school supplies locally

RADCLIFF, KY (October 18, 2019) — Nearly 290 familiar faces across Kentucky,accustomed to counting cash and sorting information, found themselves stacking pencils and boxing up notebooks to share with thousands of Hardin County area students during a surprise giveback.

Employees of FKFCU met Monday, October 14 for an annual training meeting with none other than local students in mind. These are the same students who are likely already running low on erasers and replacing torn folders. The dwindling stockpile of school supplies is proof that our brilliant pupils are hard at work but reveals that school supply hauls shouldn’t be limited to “Back to School” season.

FKFCU gives back in tremendous ways year-round. This specific donation was an idea, turned into reality, by all 290 FKFCU employees throughout Kentucky. The same employees met eagerly on Monday at Prichard Community Center, in Elizabethtown, Ky., for team building and special announcements. All branches were closed in observance of Columbus Day.

“We value education on a tremendous level every single day and will always do our part to show it,” FKFCU President/CEO Ray Springsteen said.

“This give back relieves stress from parents who are replacing school supplies and reassures students that we’re always here,” FKFCU Executive Vice President Becky Ates said.

The supplies will benefit students of Hardin County Schools, Elizabethtown Independent Schools and Fort Knox Community Schools.

“Students are truly being showered with support from our FKFCU partners in education,” Hardin County’s Director of Health and Family Services Janay Sutton said. “What a wonderful blessing this is for our students, teachers and parents,” she added.

The generous donations include two Chrome Books, binders, composition notebooks, backpacks, calculators, pencils, markers, crayons and more. This is a splash into the Credit Union’s everlasting wave of commitment to students and financial education.

About Fort Knox Federal Credit Union

Fort Knox Federal is a local, not-for-profit financial cooperative that has been serving the community since 1950. We are the largest Kentucky-based credit union with approximately $1.6 billion in assets and were named Favorite Mortgage Lender and Favorite Financial Institution in the 2019 News-Enterprise Readers Choice Survey. Fort Knox Federal exists to improve the financial lives of its members, which now include over 105,000 individuals in our civilian and military communities. It’s simple to become a member, visit our website at to see how you may be eligible.


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