From McDonald’s to Starbucks: 4 Secret Menu Orders That Save Customers Money at the Register, a New Report

Consumers on a budget often rely on fast-food dollar menus to appease their appetites, and while the savings of a value menu are undeniable, personal finance website takes saving money at the drive-thru one step further. By investigating lesser-known secret menu requests, Jennifer Calonia, editor, tells customers how to get even greater value at four of the nation’s biggest fast-food chains.

EL SEGUNDO, CA (April 23, 2013) – Americans love eating at fast-food restaurants for their convenience and affordability. In its 2008 Survey of Consumer Attitudes and Preferences in Quick-Service Restaurants, QSR Magazine found that Americans visit a fast-food restaurant an average of 2.4 times per week, and ranked cost as the second most important factor when choosing a fast-food restaurant after “What I’m in the mood for”.

GoBankingRates’ latest report explores the ingredients in popular menu items from a few of the country’s most–frequented fast food names and finds four secret menu and ordering tricks for saving money at the cash register.

“Fast-food kitchens are usually open to customizing an order within reason,” explains Ms. Calonia. “And most establishments offer a lot of behind-the-scenes freebies, like extra burger dressings and preparation options that consumers can use to get more food for less.”

Ms. Calonia continues, “The McDonald’s Big Mac, for example, is one fast-food menu item that made the list. At $4.59 plus tax, this McDonald’s staple is considered a premium burger. However, the investigation exposes that customers can instead order the McDouble for $1.29 plus tax.”

“Simply swap out the pickles and ketchup for the Big Mac’s special sauce, lettuce and extra onions — the result is a copycat version of the original Big Mac for over $3 off.”

Other brands included in the secret menu savings report are Chipotle, In-N-Out and Starbucks.

“Coffee lovers like myself will appreciate the Starbucks secret menu option, as it saves customers about $1.60 for a Grande Iced Caffé Latte,” adds Ms. Calonia.

To view the complete list of secret menu orders click here.

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