From Shabby House to Dream Home: New Guide to Home Improvement Loans and How to Finance a Renovation Released by

Home owners don’t have to save up for years to pay for remodeling or renovation projects, finds in a new guide detailing three home improvement loan options that can fund these projects.

EL SEGUNDO, CA (June 9, 2013) Most homeowners are unlikely to have thousands of dollars available in a bank account to drop on home improvements at any given time. To help them figure out how to responsibly  finance renovations and avoid high-interest loans, GoBankingRates has released a new report on the best home improvement loans for both current homeowners and home buyers looking to turn a less-than-perfect house into their dream home.

“While renovations will quickly add up in cost, for many homeowners, the expense is worth it if it means living in a home that is more comfortable, makes life easier, or better reflects their personal tastes,” says GoBankingRates managing editor, Casey Bond.

The GoBankingRates guide to home improvement loans highlighted three financing options:

  • HELOC (home equity line of credit) or home equity loan
  • HomePath Renovation Mortgage Loan
  • A 203(k)Rehab Loan

Additionally, the guide includes tips for home owners or buyers to help them decide if home improvement loans and related costs are a wise financial choice.

For example, updating a home’s exterior is the investment with the best return for homeowners, according to a 2013 report from Remodeling Magazine. The three home improvements that add the most value to a home, in proportion to the upgrade costs, are as follows: Installing a new steel entry door, replacing siding with fiber-cement options, and adding a wooden deck. Combined, these three improvements would add $18,566 to a home’s value – but would also cost $23,502 to complete.

“It’s unlikely you’ll get a 100% return on your investment in terms of improved resale value, but this is often made up for by intangibles like having a home you actually enjoy spending time in,” points out Ms. Bond.

See the full details on these home improvement loans here:

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