Fryzel highlights successes during Polish American Heritage Month

ALEXANDRIA, VA (October 23, 2013) — As part of national efforts recognizing Polish American Heritage Month, National Credit Union Administration Board Member Michael E. Fryzel acknowledged the important contributions that Polish Americans have made and highlighted the work of credit unions with historic ties to Polish American communities.

“Throughout the country you will find vibrant Polish communities that are the embodiment of the American Dream of boundless opportunity,” Fryzel said. “Polish Americans have made enormous contributions in building our country, starting businesses, adding to our national prosperity, defending our liberty during times of conflict, and shaping our nation’s cultural and scientific communities. Their contributions have enriched us all and have helped us to become a more perfect and just union.”

Fryzel also noted the important contributions that ethnic credit unions have made in providing financial services to hardworking families and building Polish communities, as well.

“As the first NCUA Chairman of Polish descent, I’m especially proud of the role credit unions have played in supporting Polish communities across this country,” Fryzel added. “For nearly a century, Polish credit unions have provided loans and financial services to individuals and member-owned businesses, often when no else would. They are, in my opinion, the embodiment of the credit union mission of people helping people.”

Polish American Heritage Month is recognized each October. The month raises awareness about Polish history, culture, and pride and the important contributions that Polish Americans have made to history of the United States.

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