Geezeo Opens API

Nashville, TN USA October 5, 2012 – At the recent CU Water Cooler Symposium held in Nashville, Geezeo CEO Shawn Ward announced that the PFM firm has opened it’s API to third party developers. In September, Movenbank announced that they had entered into a partner agreement with Geezeo and are now leveraging the Geezeo API. Geezeo is speaking with a number of third party providers that have interest in building enhanced financial applications using a variety of delivery channels.

“The Geezeo API gives developers the ability to use our market tested, rock solid architecture and years of experience to launch a custom PFM experience for their specific audience,” said Shawn Ward, Geezeo CEO. “We have had substantial interest from the financial technology sector for some time, because providers want to offer a tailored user experience without worrying about the architecture and scaling that comes from building a personal financial manager from the ground up.”

About Geezeo

Geezeo offers an integrated suite of Online Financial Management (OFM) tools and services including Personal Financial Management (PFM) software for banks and credit unions. PFM empowers online customers, giving them a holistic view of their financial assets, liabilities and budgets. Geezeo’s unique Engagement Banking platform helps financial institutions develop online customer dialog while generating growth through customer acquisition and increased wallet share. For more information on the privately held company, visit

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