Geezeo Signs Fort McClellan Credit Union

Williamsburg, VA USA December 14, 2012 – Geezeo, a leading FinTech firm that offers online financial management (OFM) tools, personal financial management (PFM), and web-based, data-driven marketing platforms to financial institutions, today announced that Fort McClellan Credit Union will integrate Geezeo’s PFM product into it’s online banking platform. The Alabama client will be provided with a fully integrated, white label PFM solution, and will benefit from Geezeo’s unique engagement banking platform, which enables financial institutions to deliver highly relevant content from within the online banking environment.
About Geezeo
Geezeo offers financial institutions an integrated suite of online tools and services including best-in-class Personal Financial Management (PFM). The Geezeo PFM solution is predominantly integrated with a client’s online banking platform, giving their users a holistic view of financial assets, liabilities, cash flow, goals and budgets. Geezeo’s included Engagement Banking platform, offers relevant, data-driven content that helps financial institutions develop online customer dialog while generating growth through acquisition and increased wallet share. Recently Geezeo introduced its API and is bringing PFM data to a variety of retail delivery channels.
In addition to PFM, Geezeo offers Referral Engine, an online referral tool and Financial Advisor (PFA), a lead generation tool powering leads between PFM and a financial institutions investment group. For more information on the privately held company, visit

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