Geezeo to build custom financial event apps

Introducing LIFE by Geezeo

BRAINTREE, MA (November 23, 2015) — Geezeo, a leading FinTech firm that offers integrated digital financial management and web-based, data-driven marketing platforms to financial institutions (FIs), has begun prototyping PFM driven lifestyle apps. Life and money are inextricably linked whether we like it or not, and financial institutions want to develop stickier relationships along a customer journey. With this in mind, Geezeo will offer custom financial app development, via it’s LIFE (Life Infused Financial Experiences) line of custom apps.

The series of LIFE apps will be purpose-built to serve a specific need for a customer during a specific period of time, milestone or phase. Life is about personal journeys and as households or individuals go through these journeys, they will be able to use these bank or credit union branded apps to help them meet a variety of financial challenges or milestones. At the same time, it allows FIs the opportunity to offer relevant, timely solutions. Geezeo’s goal is to help financial institutions create amazing user experiences for clients’ mobile and web applications, while leveraging its proven PFM platform and API and offering FIs a mobile marketing and engagement opportunity, seldom realized today.

Examples of apps in the series include:

  • wedding planning
  • home shopping
  • saving for education
  • buying a car
  • having a child
  • forming a business
  • planning retirement

“These life events trigger a deeper interest in bettering a person’s financial situation.” said Pete Glyman President and Co-Founder of Geezeo. “For this reason, we have always worked with our financial partners in marketing personal financial management features, and not necessarily ‘PFM’ as a product. We’re excited to already have a half dozen clients committed to this new approach.”

“Our lives are filled with milestones and with them comes plenty of reasons to worry about money,” said Bryan Clagett, Geezeo’s CMO. “Financial institutions can be real heros, offering timely, relevant solutions that reduce friction, while better positioning the FI as an enabler.”

Since launching in 2006, Geezeo has learned customer engagement opportunities are at their highest when a person is going through a life event that has financial significance. LIFE by Geezeo allows financial partners to engage with their customers at the exact time of need. Such an approach supports financial institutions needs of building trust, demonstrating advocacy and differentiating in a commoditized industry.

About Geezeo

Geezeo is a financial technology (Fintech) firm that enhances the digital banking experience via its white label retail and business digital financial management solutions. Almost 500  financial institutions leverage Geezeo’s integrated and unified personal financial management (PFM) solution. Purposely integrated within a financial institution’s online banking and mobile platforms, Geezeo helps empowers consumers and businesses to gain more financial control, better manage daily and long-term finances and reduce banking friction. To help financial institutions drive the digital shift, Geezeo leverages data within its Engagement Banking Marketing Platform resulting in relevant, data-driven content facilitating interaction between the FI and the online user.


Amy A. Hibbard, Geezeo, Communications Director

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