Genisys Teams up with Waterford Leadership Groups to inspire Waterford Kettering High School Students

WATERFORD, MI (February 13, 2015) — Genisys Credit Union, which provides services to anyone who lives or works in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, recently collaborated with the Waterford Coalition for Youth, Waterford Optimist Club, and the Waterford Kettering Students Leading Students and Student Leadership Clubs to bring teen motivational speaker, Mike Hall, to Waterford Kettering High School.

Mike Hall, who captivated his audience in a humorous manner, spoke to students on going from “Zero to Hero”. The goal of his visit was to empower the students to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. His message inspires the teens on becoming heroes and taking charge of their future.

“Mike Hall’s message was heard loud and clear and changed the whole atmosphere of our school, said Gina Flavin, Waterford Kettering High School Social Worker & Students Leading Students Advisor. “ He let students know that they have the power to make a difference.”

Over two sessions, Hall spoke to approximately 1450 Waterford Kettering High School students and staff members about how their choices affect their future along with the voices or people with whom they surround themselves. Hall reminded the students that no matter their situation they are, as he put it, a “big deal” and that their actions must reflect positively upon themselves.

“This partnership to bring speaker, Mike Hall, was one Genisys felt was necessary to encourage the students that they can make in difference in their own lives as well as others,” said Jackie Buchanan, Genisys Credit Union President and CEO. “We hope the students take the key points from this discussion and apply them to their lives in hopes that they will become successful adults.”

Hall’s message did not end once the assembly was over; every student received Hall’s Zero to Hero bracelet after the assembly. Waterford Kettering Journalism students were also provided the opportunity to interview him for their school publications. In addition, Hall reached out to students via social media to carry on his message asking what the students learned and how they felt.

One of the students responded to his social media post by saying, “What you did today was amazing. You’re such an inspiration to me and the entire school. The whole atmosphere changed after you talked to us. Everyone seemed to be more positive, including me. You helped me gain a more positive outlook on life and you helped me realize I need to wake up and appreciate what I have and stop looking at what everyone else has. You also made me get the determination to step up my game in my life and move forward to strive for the best. I didn’t think much of my life, I didn’t think it was all that great and now I know I just need to be grateful and if I want to change I need to strive for it. You also taught me to love myself and not want to be anyone else but myself and to be who I am, cause that’s all I should want to be. My whole outlook on life has changed. Thank you so much.”

About Genisys Credit Union:
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