Global Women’s Leadership Network Hits Florida, Inspires Regional Sister Society Growth

ORLANDO, FL (June 24, 2013) More than 60 women credit union leaders convened at a Global Women’s Leadership Network luncheon in conjunction with the League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates’ Annual Convention and Exposition in Orlando last week to discuss “moving up the corporate ladder” with top women executives in the industry.

Panelists at the event included network members Laida Garcia, president/CEO of Floridacentral; Pat Wesenberg, board president of Credit Union National Association (USA); and Laurie Maddalena, founder and CEO of Envision Excellence, an executive coaching and organizational development firm. The speakers addressed questions related to attaining leadership positions in the credit union industry and provided advice on the professional development of women seeking such responsibilities, including the role of mentoring.

“From the high degree of participation and positive feedback received, it is clear that the Global Women’s Leadership Network is making a positive impact in the lives of program attendees and their members,” Garcia said, noting that some participants drove from as far as Tallahassee and parts of Alabama to participate in the event. “Word is spreading about the benefits of connecting with credit union women around the world and of taking advantage of networking opportunities like this one.”

Several luncheon participants expressed interest in forming a Global Women’s Leadership Network sister society in Florida. Network member Fredda McDonald, executive vice president credit union experience for PSCU, presented World Council with funds on behalf of the Florida-based credit union to support further development of regional sister societies and other international networking opportunities through World Council.

“PSCU is honored to help support the great work being done by the Global Women’s Leadership Network sister societies,” McDonald said. “In our experience with PSCU’s own women’s leadership initiatives over the past several years, we have seen incredible demand from women who are eager to learn how to become better leaders. The sister societies give current and aspiring women leaders the perfect forum to gather, exchange ideas and collaborate on issues that make a difference in their credit unions and local communities.”

The Global Women’s Leadership Network connects women from credit union movements around the world and engages them in professional and personal development through social media and educational forums. Sister societies are local groups of Global Women’s Leadership Network members that meet regionally to discuss important issues impacting women credit union leaders and to build local cooperative projects.

There are currently nine active sister societies in Canada, Fiji, Jamaica, Malawi and across the United States. For more information on the Global Women’s Leadership Network and where to find or how to start a local sister society, visit or contact

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