Global Women’s Leadership Network PA Sister Society co-chair steps down

MIDDLETOWN, PA (October 1, 2019) — On September 24, 2019, the fourth anniversary of the Global Women’s Leadership Network’s Pennsylvania (PA) Sister Society inaugural meeting, Amey Sgrignoli announced she would be stepping down as co-chair of the organization.

Sgrignoli, president and CEO of Belco Community Credit Union, and fellow co-chair, Lori Gall, chief risk officer of Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union, founded the PA Sister Society in 2015. “We wanted a place where we could recognize and celebrate the triumphs of women in the credit union movement and promote leadership and support outreach to women,” said Sgrignoli. “Lori and I thought the Global Women’s Leadership Network was the perfect organization to help us do that, so we created the Pennsylvania chapter and the rest is history!”

In the meeting on September 24, Amey stated that while she would be stepping down from her role as co-chair, she would remain with the group as a consultant to assist her successor. “Now it’s time to let someone else take the reins and lead the group into its next chapter,” said Sgrignoli.

“The announcement was bittersweet for me,” said Gall. “This incredible organization that brings together credit union women from all over the state was something that was very close to both of our hearts and we’ve been with each other since the beginning. It’s sad to see her go but she’ll always be a part of the PA Sister Society.”

Linda Brown, chief administration officer for Service 1 st FCU in Danville, Pa., will be the new PA Sister Society co-chair alongside Lori Gall.

Amey Sgrignoli.

Lori Gall.

Linda Brown.

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GWLN aims to provide women with the opportunity and resources to make a measurable difference In the lives of each other, In the lives of credit union members and In their communities. With a Sister Society presence in 86 countries, The Kansas-Missouri Sister Society joins a group of 4,500 individuals from all walks of life, expertise and professional standing.


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