GMC Software Technology awarded Technology of the Year

Inspire Dynamic Communications application honored as a significant advancement in the industry

(March 31,  2015) — GMC Software Technology (GMC), the award-winning leader in Customer Communications Management (CCM) and output management today announced that it has been awarded Xplor’s Technology of the Year for the company’s Inspire Dynamic Communications, a game-changing new technology within GMC’s Inspire customer communications management platform. The award will be presented at Xplor International’s Xploration 15: the Customer Communications Conference, April 14-16 in Orlando.

Xplor’s Technology of the Year Award honors an individual, company or organization that has conceived and developed an original concept leading to a significant advancement in the industry. Launched in 2014, Inspire Dynamic Communications fosters customer loyalty and trust by enabling the creation of immersive, digital customer statements that deliver intuitive and attractive charts, graphs and other graphical representations of customer financial information, responding to the needs of a new generation of mobile customers.

“At Xplor, we are always excited to see what new and innovative solutions GMC will bring to the industry,” said Skip Henk, EDP, president and CEO of Xplor International. “Inspire Dynamic Communications represents GMC’s commitment to the evolving customer experience, which is quickly moving toward allowing the customer to interact with their documents at anytime, anywhere while enabling enterprises to track a customer’s individual interest or needs.”

Inspire Dynamic Communications is designed to address the rapidly growing demand for relevant communication while on the go, delivering optimized and abbreviated experiences based on user context. Offering interactive statements enables organizations to reach customers according to their preferences, while significantly reducing costs to design, manage and deploy information to a large array of channels.

“We are extremely honored to be acknowledged with the Technology of the Year award for Inspire Dynamic Communications,” said Scott Draeger, vice president of product management at GMC Software Technology. “This recognition validates our belief that the market is more than ready for a solution that delivers completely personalized, relevant communications across all channels, resulting in an enhanced customer experience and improved business performance. Once again, we thank the Xplor team for recognizing that what Inspire Dynamic Communications delivers will soon be a mobile customer’s standard expectation.”

About GMC Software Technology
GMC is a global leader in Customer Communications Management, empowering companies around the world to drive more efficient and effective customer communications. GMC delivers innovative software solutions that enable enterprises to transform the customer experience by deploying powerful engagement strategies. We provide the means for business users to develop contextual, highly personalized communications. Supporting thousands of clients and partners in banking, insurance and healthcare, GMC has the only single design solution for all channels that span the entire customer journey, giving our clients a competitive edge in a market shaped by rapidly changing consumer technology. For more information about GMC’s solution, visit:

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