Go Banking Rates Investigation Uncovers Heisman Debt Curse Looms Over Johnny Manziel

Go Banking Rates evaluates whether the combination of ego and sudden wealth will lead Heisman hopeful Johnny Manziel down the same path to debt and financial troubles as Heisman-linked NFL players like Vince Young and O.J. Simpson, and provides insightful ways for Manziel to avoid future financial troubles.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, December 7, 2012 — Sports pundits have long talked of a “Heisman Curse:” the unfortunate pattern of a fall in performance and wins that seem to plague college football athletes who win the Heisman Trophy. But Go Banking Rates delves deeper into this so-called curse to explore whether the Heisman curse extends off of the playing field — and into players’ personal finances.

One of the leading theories explaining the Heisman Curse are players’ egos; the Heisman winner lets the award and attention affect (often negatively) his performance, and ultimately their football career goes south in the direction of bankruptcy and debt.

“Inflated egos are known to get in the way of finances, too,” says Go Banking Rates. “Seventy-eight percent of NFL players go broke after retirement.”

Heisman winner O.J. Simpson, for example, allegedly owes more than $1.4 million in back taxes to the state of California. And Heisman runner-up Vince Young has vaporized his staggering paycheck from the Tennessee Titans of $26 million, and now is $1.7 million in debt.

As a favorite to win the Heisman Trophy this year, will Texas A&M freshman Johnny Manziel follow the same ill-fated path? While his football play seems on-track to break the Heisman Curse, Go Banking Rates gives some suggestions on how Manziel can find success in personal finance and evade the Heisman debt curse.

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