Go Banking Rates’ Jennifer Calonia Uncovers Fountain of Youth with Five Surprising Spending Habits

Go Banking Rates personal finance expert, Jennifer Calonia, reveals that spending money in five specific circumstances may be the key to living longer, in her latest investigation.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, December 11, 2012 – There are countless benefits to stashing money in a savings account, like growing a retirement fund, planning ahead for a big purchase or just the simple peace of mind from knowing savers are financially stable no matter what obstacle comes their way.

However, certain money moves that involve spending rather than saving money — and that you’re likely already doing — may actually help you live longer.

Jennifer Calonia unearths five costly pursuits that may chip away at discretionary funds, but have the greater reward of an extended life expectancy.

The first discovery Ms. Calonia makes is the fact that the very act of shopping was found to be a mark of youth.

An Oregon State University study found that elderly persons who were capable of performing shopping errands on their own were viewed as not old.

Researcher Michelle Barnhart explains, “When people in their 80s or 90s exhibited characteristics that society tends to associate with people who are not old, such as being aware, active, safe or independent, they were viewed and treated as not old,” Barnhart said. “In this way, they were able to age without getting old.”

Other questionable spending habits Americans participate in that are scientifically found to increase life expectancy among consumers are:

1. Buying a Morning Coffee
2. Attending Social Outings
3. Having Finances Endure a Recession

Ms. Calonia assesses that while these money moves may not necessarily help you live forever, they can add years onto your life at a price against consumers’ savings account.

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