Go Banking Rates Personal Finance Expert, Jennifer Calonia, Launches “Breaking Up with Debt” Newsletter Series

Despite being well-informed about personal finance, Go Banking Rates savings expert, Jennifer Calonia, isn’t immune to the allure of credit cards, loans and shopping sprees, but in her latest series she takes on the wisdom of Dave Ramsey’s plan to pay off her debt and teaches families drowning in debt how to do the same with a bi-weekly newsletter.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, November 28, 2012 – Anyone can say they want to get out of debt, but it isn’t until a debt management plan is adopted that progress toward a debt-free lifestyle can be achieved. Go Banking Rates personal finance expert, Jennifer Calonia, decides to finally commit to paying off the debt she’s accumulated over the years in her newly released, free bi-weekly newsletter called, Breaking Up with Debt.”

The launch of Ms. Calonia’s latest newsletter demonstrates how to get out of debt for good with the help of debt motivator and radio host, Dave Ramsey’s seven baby step program, using her own true-to-life experiences and financial challenges with debt as the backdrop.

In addition to racking up credit card charges throughout the years for Christmas gifts and frivolous purchases, Ms. Calonia took out the maximum allotment of student loans during her college years. And despite a running debt count of over $20,000 fresh out of school, she did what millions of Americans do post-graduation — she financed a new car.

Today, Ms. Calonia’s total debts are at a considerable $50,000. While this is certainly an enormous amount to contend with, she’s positive that the seven baby step program Dave Ramsey champions is what will lead her to success.

How to Sign Up

Families struggling with their own battle with debt can subscribe to “Breaking Up with Debt” to learn more about effective ways to reduce debt and eventually eliminate it completely. Subscribers will receive free twice a month newsletters with helpful advice on how to get out of debt in a feasible and permanent way.

Click here to read more about the ‘Breaking Up With Debt’ newsletter.

Jennifer reports on personal finance, with a specialty in saving money, budgeting and lifestyle. She is available to comment on any of these topics and can be reached via e-mail.

About Jennifer Calonia
Jennifer Calonia is a reputed journalist covering personal finance subjects like banking, saving money and debt. Her features and helpful savings tips encourage and empower households across America to achieve financial balance.

Her work is featured in major publications like US News & World Report, Yahoo!, Yahoo! Finance, LearnVest, Business Insider, Can Do Finance and Consumerism Commentary.

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