Go Banking Rates Releases Their Complete Guide to Documents Needed for a Mortgage in Response to Record Low Mortgage Rates

As mortgage rates continue to fall to new record lows, more consumers are considering financing a new home purchase. Leading personal finance site compiles a complete guide to the documents required to obtain a mortgage so applicants can streamline the approval process and achieve homeownership faster.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, October 29, 2012 – Continuously falling mortgage rates are creating a heightened interest in home buying. As a leading personal finance resource, Go Banking Rates is ensuring that readers who have decided to take the next step in their lives by purchasing a home have all the information they need to make the process uncomplicated and easy to accomplish.

Go Banking Rates experts compiled a list of the documents mortgage lenders require to approve home loans so that consumers can be one step ahead in the home financing process.

“Of course, mortgage applicants want this process to go as quickly and smoothly as possible so there aren’t any delays that could derail their applications. Before applying for financing, it’s best to be prepared with as much of this documentation as possible ahead of time.”

-Go Banking Rates Managing Editor, Casey Bond

Some of the documents in this list include:

Tax returns for two years. Most loan officers ask for income verification in the form of completed tax returns for the past two years. Three years’ worth of tax returns, complete with schedules and attachments, may be requested in some cases.

Proof of income. Lenders will require pay stubs for at least one month, as well as all W2 forms for borrowers and co-borrowers. However, new mortgage lending standards have resulted in most lenders asking to see pay stubs for the last two years. Additionally, if a portion of income comes from rental property, the lender will request canceled rent checks and bank statements.

Bank statements for the last 30-90 days. One to three months’ worth of bank statements for every bank account and investment account the applicant owns, including savings accounts, online brokerage accounts and retirement accounts like a 401(k) will be required. In the case of a jumbo mortgage, three months is the time period most likely to be requested.

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