Golden 1 Credit Union hosts financial wellness event with Sacramento teens

Budget simulation workshop gave students hands-on financial experience

SACRAMENTO, CA (November 21, 2022) — Golden 1 Credit Union (Golden 1) hosted a proprietary budget simulation workshop called “The Challenge” with Sacramento’s Prime Time Teen at the George Sim Community Center on Wednesday night that taught students about financial well-being and budgeting.

About 50 students from Prime Time Teen, an interactive workforce readiness and skill development program for teens ages 13-17, were able to get hands-on experience juggling income and expenses. Community volunteers along with Golden 1 employees engaged participants at “stores,” selling them childcare, housing, transportation, food, and other necessities, while also tempting them with luxury purchases. Participants were then tasked with building budgets, developing savings, and learning to make difficult financial decisions.

“We were thrilled to interact and teach the students of Prime Time Teen about building healthy relationships with money at a young age,” said Barbara Quan, Financial Education Manager for Golden 1 Credit Union. “Californians’ financial well-being is our highest priority, and there’s no better way to help than starting with teens and young adults through our Financial Wellness Challenge.”

Since launching in 2019, Golden 1’s Financial Wellness Challenge has been facilitated over 250 times to more than 12,000 participants. High schools, colleges, and nonprofits who want to participate in The Challenge can apply for free. Interested organizations should email or visit Golden 1’s Financial Wellness Center for additional tools.

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