GoWest campaign greets thousands of legislators at NCSL

Lawmakers attending the conference’s annual legislative summit see messaging from touchdown to takeoff

TIGARD, OR (August 8, 2022) — Credit unions took center stage in Denver, CO last week, as thousands of state legislators from across the country traveled to the Mile High City for the National Conference of State Legislatures’ annual summit.
GoWest Credit Union Association, which represents credit unions in six states including Colorado, sponsored a “plane to plane” credit union awareness strategy that welcomed legislators in the airport concourses and baggage claim areas, on digital billboards outside the airport, inside the convention center where the conference was held, and in strategic locations throughout the city’s downtown area. The campaign garnered millions of impressions as it was seen by both legislators and by consumers passing by.
“The opportunity to effectively communicate the benefits of credit unions to policymakers in a big way, was made possible by the collaboration and support of our member credit unions,” said GoWest President and CEO Troy Stang. “Showcasing how credit unions’ not-for-profit, cooperative structure delivers benefits to members and positively impacts communities helps to ensure elected officials are more likely to support our legislative and regulatory priorities.”
The campaign complemented the Credit Union National Association’s conference Wi-Fi sponsorship and geofencing strategy to send digital messaging to summit attendees’ devices.
GoWest’s messaging told lawmakers that credit unions represent 133 million of their constituents across the country, spotlighted the financial education mission, and directed attendees to the America’s Credit Unions Booth at the convention center.

High energy, positive vibe
In the booth, hundreds of legislators visited with representatives from CUNA, GoWest, and other credit union associations and leagues.
The booth at NCSL presented an opportunity for the credit union system to build relationships with elected champions. The GoWest team reports there was robust conversation about how credit unions are filling gaps in banking deserts and bringing services to rural communities, about how their work strengthens communities, and about how their lending, financial education, and other special services, promote financial wellness.
“GoWest deeply appreciates the support and enthusiasm our member credit unions put behind this campaign strategy,” Stang said. “It was certainly a well-leveraged opportunity to reach key stakeholders, considering NCSL’s summit is the nation’s largest bipartisan gathering of state lawmakers and their staff. Every time, and everywhere large groups of policymakers come together, positive messaging about credit unions must be front-and-center.”
Click here to learn more about GoWest’s credit union awareness strategy at NCSL.

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Katy Wagnon, SVP, Marketing & Communications

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