GPC Migrates to TranzWare from Compass Plus

WASHINGTON – Oct. 9, 2012 – Compass Plus, an international provider of retail banking software and electronic payments systems to financial institutions, has announced that it has migrated Global Processing Centre (GPC) in Antigua, the third largest processor in the Caribbean region, to TranzWare from Compass Plus in just over three months.

GPC chose TranzWare to help expand its business from issuing prepaid cards to offering PCI DSS certified comprehensive issuing and acquiring services to the region with full compliance to the EMV standard. GPC customers in the Latin American and Caribbean region will now benefit from these additional processing services along with newly implemented remote banking services including internet banking that is also adaptable for use with mobile phones – a feature that is unique to the region.

“As a processor designed to serve numerous financial institutions we are expected to integrate with a variety of systems – and the TranzWare architecture is designed in such a way that it allows us to adapt and grow without long, risky development cycles. It also allows us to meet and exceed the needs of our clients,”
commented Justin Stuart-Young, CIO at GPC, “It is very reassuring to see how much thought goes into the product development and the effort that goes into installing new features and upgrades. This shows that TranzWare products have good controls from the development perspective and that the system is very well thought out.”

Juan Bustios, Latin America and Caribbean Regional Manager at Compass Plus, said of the project, “GPC is one of the largest processors in the region and we are delighted that they have chosen TranzWare from Compass Plus. The smooth migration process and the speed of implementation clearly demonstrates the professionalism of the Compass Plus team and I’m excited to announce that we are already preparing for the further expansion of GPCs product range in the near future.”

About Global Processing Centre:

Global Processing Centre (GPC) embarked on it’s payment processing journey in 2007, initially servicing clients requiring private label prepaid card products. GPC became certified with Visa in 2009 for the issuance of prepaid debit card products via the respective Visa approved financial institutions. In order to meet the increasing needs of financial institutions in the region, GPC sought to upgrade its platform in 2011, greatly expanding its transaction processing portfolio to include not only prepaid, but also credit, DDA debit products, as well as POS, ATM, and Ecommerce acquiring solutions. The strategic vision of the GPC management team has not only sought to fulfil these traditional payment processing needs, but to also enable financial institutions, vendors, and end users to participate in a number of emerging payment mechanisms – including mobile payments, Ewallet and Egovernment solutions, etc. GPC is PCI DSS certified.

About Compass Plus:

Compass Plus provides comprehensive, fully integrated and flexible payments software and services that help financial institutions meet rapidly changing market demands. Our diverse customer base includes retail banks, processing centres, national switches, personalisation centres and other financial service providers in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America. With seventeen years experience, Compass Plus helps build and manage all-scale electronic payment systems that generate new revenues and improve profits for its customers.

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